Roll Call: Nets fall to Kings, 107-86

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

STORY: Where's Brooklyn at? Nets a no-show in loss to Sacramento, 107-86 - Tom Lorenzo - NetsDaily

THREAD 1: Game Thread: Brooklyn Nets @ Sacramento Kings, 10:00 PM - NetsDaily

THREAD 2: 2nd Half Game Thread: Nets va. Kings - NetsDaily


Roll Call Info
Total comments 1,577
Total commenters 155
Commenter list 609to239, Angelo Mihalitsianos, Atronic, BKNETSFOREVER, BKSTATEOFMIND, BKsFinest21, BROOKlyn11, BackInBlack11, BigBlue91, Bkln2Brnx, Brian Fleurantin, BrookieMonster, BrooklynKid19, BrooklynNets8, CalfROTY, ChickenParmCuse1129, Chocolate Thunder 21, Chrisf975, CinnamonToastCrunch, Claud, Crushin Russian, D'Andre J., DJ HeavyDuty, DJC5403, David G, Doesthishurt, Dr3WMaN87, Drago2715, Eddie0125, Endless Paradise, Fadeawayy, FireKilldrive, Fizzie, GMJigga, GTNets, GabrielV, George Karl To the NETS, HabPSU, Hamdi Popinara, Hoops1234, Huey88, I Have Nets Socks, Idee Mixed, J Kidd to VC, JimNJuice, KevinGo, Keysta101, Knowledgeiskey424, Lenin-Gil Phillips, LikeATimeBomb, LuNETic, MJayGee, Mags&Petrovic, Malorkayel, MarShon, MikeTodd09, N.Ireland Nets Fan, NDTony, NETFAN, NETS_FAN97, NJNETS29, NYche21, Net Income, NetAnalyst, NetsKiNG, Netsbuhi, NothinButNets, NothingBut(BK)Nets, OG_Loc, OMFG, OhStopBooing, Panchara Sathea, Peter Stuyvesant, Privatetoker, QueenzNetsFan, Rattling Bones, RecSpecs, Reed Wallach, SSR_, Scooby803, Scorpio25, Spades17, TC1210, TKFJ, The GIF Oracle, TinySarabia, TokenNBR, Tom Lorenzo, Versifiervt, Will 2 Win, William_H_HOLLA, Woo Woo Woolverine, adiddybk2012, ajv9307, allhailharvey, befsantos29, bigbluesd, billyr06, bkeagle718, bling890, brickznujerz, bronxbombers2, calling all toasters, cedaghost, cgreen127, cheergirl, cody1234, deathisinevitable, doktrj21, dwill8brooklynbound, edddd99, fan_from_day_one, felipo, fumblesnout, gg2, hard2explain, iJoon, iambryan, il temuto, in_ya_grill, infam0us, isaky12, jarkid, jaybird3, jp0ll, kjax, lezosamis, macnunesusa, mattencarnacion, mi2viper, muwu, mvmt84, netschampions, netsnation, njccc, nosleeptillbrooklyn, octoberGR8NESS, ohhcomely, one4daages, onegallant, pooch3, power_njerz, representinBK, rootcactus, section104bknets, shane gayle, skaye19, sosdagod, soul driver, sporting93, supernetsfan, theclair, tian17, wiz1732, yvj
Story URLs

# Commenter # Comments
1 Privatetoker 98
2 Panchara Sathea 84
3 Drago2715 63
4 NetsKiNG 62
5 QueenzNetsFan 60
6 ChickenParmCuse1129 55
7 doktrj21 49
8 jarkid 49
9 J Kidd to VC 48
11 Chocolate Thunder 21 29
12 LuNETic 28
13 pooch3 27
14 NYche21 27
15 CalfROTY 26
16 Huey88 25
17 Keysta101 24
18 BigBlue91 24
19 in_ya_grill 23
20 mvmt84 22
21 edddd99 21
22 TC1210 19
23 hard2explain 18
24 bkeagle718 17
25 JimNJuice 17
26 iambryan 17
27 fan_from_day_one 16
28 RecSpecs 16
29 Rattling Bones 16
30 netschampions 15
31 shane gayle 15
32 Hoops1234 13
33 Scorpio25 13
34 rootcactus 11
35 section104bknets 11
36 representinBK 11
37 bling890 11
38 Will 2 Win 11
39 GTNets 11
40 Scooby803 11
41 brickznujerz 10
42 infam0us 10
43 octoberGR8NESS 9
44 LikeATimeBomb 9
45 Knowledgeiskey424 9
46 David G 8
47 William_H_HOLLA 8
48 BrooklynKid19 8
49 George Karl To the NETS 8
50 Versifiervt 8
51 allhailharvey 7
52 Netsbuhi 7
53 HabPSU 7
54 OhStopBooing 7
55 Claud 7
56 theclair 7
57 GMJigga 7
59 sosdagod 6
60 dwill8brooklynbound 6
61 felipo 6
62 DJ HeavyDuty 6
63 Atronic 6
64 The GIF Oracle 6
65 NetAnalyst 6
66 MJayGee 6
67 Mags&Petrovic 6
68 sporting93 5
69 njccc 5
70 NJNETS29 5
71 muwu 5
72 cgreen127 5
73 power_njerz 5
74 Chrisf975 5
75 lezosamis 5
76 il temuto 5
77 jaybird3 5
78 Woo Woo Woolverine 5
79 isaky12 5
80 Malorkayel 4
81 Peter Stuyvesant 4
82 TKFJ 4
83 bronxbombers2 4
84 DJC5403 4
85 skaye19 4
86 tian17 4
87 Endless Paradise 4
88 yvj 4
89 kjax 4
90 BrooklynNets8 4
91 ajv9307 4
92 MarShon 4
93 adiddybk2012 4
94 CinnamonToastCrunch 4
95 Bkln2Brnx 3
96 SSR_ 3
97 BKsFinest21 3
98 609to239 3
99 Lenin-Gil Phillips 3
100 Fadeawayy 3
101 macnunesusa 3
102 Fizzie 3
103 cheergirl 3
104 NothingBut(BK)Nets 3
105 deathisinevitable 3
106 Brian Fleurantin 3
107 calling all toasters 3
108 KevinGo 2
109 Reed Wallach 2
110 TinySarabia 2
111 I Have Nets Socks 2
112 cody1234 2
113 one4daages 2
114 Dr3WMaN87 2
115 Angelo Mihalitsianos 2
116 FireKilldrive 2
117 Crushin Russian 2
119 TokenNBR 2
120 soul driver 2
121 billyr06 2
122 BROOKlyn11 2
123 NDTony 2
124 Idee Mixed 2
125 mi2viper 2
126 wiz1732 2
127 Doesthishurt 2
128 befsantos29 2
129 supernetsfan 2
130 Net Income 2
131 Spades17 1
132 Tom Lorenzo 1
133 NETS_FAN97 1
134 jp0ll 1
135 mattencarnacion 1
136 D'Andre J. 1
137 Hamdi Popinara 1
138 onegallant 1
139 OMFG 1
140 iJoon 1
141 Eddie0125 1
142 GabrielV 1
143 bigbluesd 1
144 gg2 1
145 NothinButNets 1
146 nosleeptillbrooklyn 1
147 OG_Loc 1
148 cedaghost 1
149 MikeTodd09 1
150 netsnation 1
151 fumblesnout 1
152 ohhcomely 1
153 BrookieMonster 1
154 BackInBlack11 1
155 N.Ireland Nets Fan 1

# Recs Commenter Comment Link
12 Panchara Sathea Jason Kidd.
9 calling all toasters Nets fans assemble!
8 edddd99 Jason Kidd is getting paid to watch this play team basketball.
7 NetAnalyst I can
6 Panchara Sathea my sister literally just taught me how to use photoshop in 2 minutes. this was blood sweat and tears, but a masterpiece
6 hard2explain Let's go NETS! The Kings are no obstacle to us!
5 BKSTATEOFMIND Yeah Nets fans are overreacting
5 ChickenParmCuse1129 lol
5 The GIF Oracle [no title]
4 NetsKiNG When you lose to Orlando, Washington, Cleveland, and possibly Sacramento
4 muwu Well we haven't yet reached the apathy of the Jazz at least
4 sporting93 Sit blatche and play Reggie until he improves
4 hard2explain [no title]
4 BigBlue91 stop
4 CalfROTY Mirza?
3 hard2explain i'm out guys
3 Panchara Sathea Yes.
3 Net Income not optimistic
3 GMJigga [no title]
3 billyr06 Just turned the game on
3 Drago2715 This is Kidd right now:
3 mvmt84 I know I'm getting old when
2 Panchara Sathea HIRE PJ.
2 J Kidd to VC Just come out with energy. Please.
2 OhStopBooing disgusting.
2 William_H_HOLLA Blown out by the magic and kings
2 HabPSU True
2 Panchara Sathea He needs to call himself out.
2 netschampions Why is it that all these scrubs get lucky bounces
2 Claud problem is Kidd is not an NBA COACH LOL
2 TKFJ Disgusting, pathetic, embarrassing.
2 mvmt84 this game
2 QueenzNetsFan you mean proky
2 cody1234 Its clear Kidds idea to push the pace will not work.
2 iambryan Danny Ainge look like a genius.
2 pooch3 Lol wish I had some defense to this statement but there really is nothing to say
2 pooch3 Confused to where the heart is in this team?
2 Panchara Sathea #FireKidd.
2 LikeATimeBomb I cannot believe this
2 rootcactus It's disgusting how they have to be down by 20 before they put in this effort.
2 LuNETic Oh Joey Crawford.
2 CalfROTY "get out of here" - Brook
2 ChickenParmCuse1129 D-Will and Brook have to step up and take control of this team.
2 soul driver between crawford as the ref, rucco's annoying voice, and the czar's lulling tone..
2 il temuto Kind of amazing that after all this time
2 Privatetoker Iso-Deron the rest of the game
2 doktrj21 Perfect shot to end this game
2 Doesthishurt Pathetic effort
1 bronxbombers2 did I say it should be?
1 George Karl To the NETS This Message is to Everybody who doubted what I said since Summer.
1 dwill8brooklynbound This team sucks
1 rootcactus We'll beat the Suns and Clips.
1 J Kidd to VC The fact that Jet is in and Livingston is not makes me sick.
1 mvmt84 more like they have softened them two
1 Chocolate Thunder 21 Air Mirza
1 KevinGo see ya guys
1 ChickenParmCuse1129 Highlight of the night: When I turned off my TV 10 seconds ago.
1 Panchara Sathea YES!
1 William_H_HOLLA [no title]
1 mvmt84 I feel like we should just never have traded VC away
1 pooch3 2-5 which means... my 5th remote that will be broken
1 CalfROTY it's all Mirza's fault
1 bronxbombers2 boy, hiring Kidd sure looks like a huge mistake right now
1 Privatetoker I don't know why we do this crap
1 iambryan I'd prefer livingston starting over DWill
1 The GIF Oracle [no title]
1 Drago2715 Sell the team.
1 tian17 OK, travis is in, let's hope he can screw this up also
1 Chocolate Thunder 21 Stat padding
1 ChickenParmCuse1129 What would you guys like J-Kidd to do?
1 George Karl To the NETS D Will is Cooking.......cause he has 13 and 4??
1 MarShon at least we dont have brian shaw
1 brickznujerz Hire Fratello..
1 DJ HeavyDuty wtf?
1 Panchara Sathea i honestly think D-Will should just hog the ball.
1 edddd99 Fake Brook Lopez twitter account?
1 in_ya_grill Can't buy titles, we are the lakers of last season
1 NetsKiNG Why should it be positive?
1 ChickenParmCuse1129 Marcus Thornton scrub of the night....
1 The GIF Oracle [no title]
1 doktrj21 Agreed. I don't see the J-Kidd blame. We're missing shots and playing bad. Coach can't do anything about that
1 befsantos29 Fire Kidd!!!
1 fan_from_day_one oh well.. just going to be iso joe from now on..
1 tian17 lucky bounces left and right
1 dwill8brooklynbound I'm afraid KG might be done...
1 NetsKiNG Has Jason Kidd gotten out of that chair ONCE this game?
1 BigBlue91 all we do is shoot 3s man
1 NetsKiNG Awful by Anderson.
1 brickznujerz I have so much respect for Livingston
1 QueenzNetsFan these fouls man.......
1 CinnamonToastCrunch why is everyone hating on deron today?
1 QueenzNetsFan if reggie could finish he would be so good
1 rootcactus How could a professional basketball player have as bad of touch around the hoop as Reggie does?
1 NYche21 Nobody knows what anybody wants to do on offense
1 in_ya_grill What type of offense does this team run
1 MarShon im ready to rage
1 pooch3 Livingston becoming my favorite player on this team
1 jarkid we might not even make the playoffs
1 Huey88 Id almost agree
1 section104bknets [no title]
1 isaky12 We deserve to lose this game. I don't want us to win this game. We don't deserve the W one bit.
1 cheergirl OMG, make it end.
1 infam0us Oops
1 Privatetoker remember the 2nd half of last year?
1 Panchara Sathea it's harder than it looks.
1 in_ya_grill Eric Bledsoe is going to light this team up
1 jarkid Because we are in a BIG trouble that people never thought of before the season ...
1 Privatetoker its not over
1 jarkid Will Kidd be fired after 15 games?
1 Mags&Petrovic I feel like the the league's refs got together and aimed to troll Nets fans.
1 Panchara Sathea Danny Ainge looking like a true genius.
1 LikeATimeBomb [no title]
1 QueenzNetsFan and hitting open shots
1 J Kidd to VC Out of here with what?
1 BrooklynNets8 Danny Ainge right now
1 dwill8brooklynbound This is embarrassing
1 pooch3 Keep this 2nd unit in finish this game with some dam pride
1 NJNETS29 so anyone else notice reggie go beast mode on trav
1 Drago2715 How in the hell did we beat Utah?
1 ChickenParmCuse1129 How in the hell did we beat Miami?
1 Panchara Sathea lol @ anyone saying this team is a 60 win team.
1 Privatetoker Now in the 4th we use the Deron- Brook combo
1 fumblesnout No one looks to take over
1 JimNJuice I'm tired of pathetic Nets basketball.
1 Drago2715 So many damn shots are just rolling out.
1 Privatetoker Please somebody get to the rim
1 Drago2715 Awful shot.
1 Drago2715 HAha look at Reg go!
1 doktrj21 Just get it under 10 points
1 fan_from_day_one can we tweet bomb him or something.. sigh
1 bronxbombers2 are you actually a Nets fan?
1 J Kidd to VC This guy is capable of bringing a team far on his back
1 QueenzNetsFan ok i think it's almost time to panic
1 QueenzNetsFan why are we taking so many mid range fade away shots
1 hard2explain YOLO Blatche makes me feel like
1 Panchara Sathea lucky for us
1 JimNJuice Get it Nets!
1 Angelo Mihalitsianos petrified........
1 calling all toasters um.... a shooting glove?
1 D'Andre J. probably only going to be able to watch 30mins of this game i really hate west coast trips
1 J Kidd to VC D-Will 2 blocks already?
1 NYche21 Can't watch a Joey Crawford game.
1 NDTony It is time for Joey Crawford to retire.
1 RecSpecs Why is it that 36 year old Pierce is the only one who wants to drive to the rim?
1 Privatetoker why are we isoing the glorified role players
1 octoberGR8NESS Great, Evans. Just great, man.
1 JimNJuice Can we have a backup power forward
1 BKSTATEOFMIND He has all the tools
1 Rattling Bones You can always trust the Truth.
1 MikeTodd09 This game is over. Might as well put Mirza in with the starters, now.
1 isaky12 Might as well try MIrza
1 GTNets I love game threads
1 Drago2715 Will he ever be used correctly?
1 pooch3 Wasn't it 2 weeks ago our bench was screaming and practically dancing on the sidelines for our guys
1 edddd99 Also Blatche needs to stop playing major minutes
1 bkeagle718 See that Reggie? Joe kicked it back out after the rebound...
1 jarkid Bring back the Deron that can score 57 points on bobcats
1 jarkid Yes
1 NetAnalyst We look old
1 Scorpio25 finally lopez with a rebound and a strong put back
1 NothingBut(BK)Nets Boy do I hope so....
1 NETFAN Trust issues
1 Huey88 weird isnt it
1 JimNJuice Just keep it in single figures by the half
1 ChickenParmCuse1129 there we go Brook!
1 J Kidd to VC No.
1 iambryan This team needs to lose by like 30 and heads need to roll. The effort is pretty disgusting.
1 BKSTATEOFMIND Nah I'm a troll who never missed more than two games a season since 99
1 NYche21 Awareness Rating
1 LuNETic Blatche strong vs. Kings
1 sporting93 He needs to get angry and dunk EVERYTHING
1 RecSpecs Right now they need to slow the game down.
1 J Kidd to VC Hahahahahahaha
1 NetsKiNG We don't have a draft pick
1 Net Income i cannot dispute that
1 Privatetoker I have a feeling this will make Proky less willing to spend all his money in the future
1 Rattling Bones What the Russian should do is throw a ton of money at Phil Jackson for the rest of this season
1 NetsKiNG Blatche has been one of the worst players on the roster
1 RecSpecs Chill
1 LuNETic If there was a way to know who was reffing, I would have passed on watching this game.
1 NYche21 OH ND
1 Versifiervt here we go!
1 OhStopBooing everybody's confidence is just shaken by everybody's performance. nobody has any confidence out there.
1 OhStopBooing everybody get your horrible misses in!
1 OhStopBooing lets see what kidd does.
1 Keysta101 this one is over
1 Privatetoker Why cant thompson do this against other teams?
1 Panchara Sathea i like this attacking D-Will.
1 infam0us Should have been Cousins fifth foul
1 edddd99 Brook better get the ball now...
1 calling all toasters home team + Joey Crawford
1 gg2 reggie evans kills this teams offensive flow
1 NetsKiNG Frank sucks as a head coach. No thanks.
1 TC1210 This is why I say dont talk smack when you havent proved anything.
1 nosleeptillbrooklyn Its officially panic time...
1 J Kidd to VC Just can't catch a break
1 Hoops1234 Give Evans some minutes
1 NETS_FAN97 Stay Calm
1 lezosamis We're making Isaiah Thomas look like....Isaiah Thomas.
1 LuNETic Joey Crawford.
1 ChickenParmCuse1129 Nobody on this team can seem to make an open jump shot
1 netschampions It's like they are playing a pick up game
1 Atronic D-will needs to wake up and stop playing like a backup
1 jarkid We have no draft pick
1 iambryan Can't even foul the guy right.
1 JimNJuice Done with this team today.
1 NetsKiNG He's a joke
1 bling890 It really just looks to me like we're physically incapable of hanging with any team with athleticism
1 ChickenParmCuse1129 I don't blame him for the players not being able to execute
1 lezosamis Deep breaths everyone...okay ready..3...2...1..jump! Goodbye Cruel World!
1 shane gayle this is gonna be a blowout
1 RecSpecs This has nothing to with chemistry.
1 Panchara Sathea Jason Kidd looking like an idiot.
1 Versifiervt they look lost
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