Paul Pierce: Nets have a future comparable to the Celtics, Lakers and Yankees as an elite sports franchise

DuJour Magazine

aul Pierce sees a successful and very bright future for the Brooklyn Nets. Just how successful? Well, in an interview with DuJour Magazine, Pierce said that he thinks in 10-15 years the Nets will join the likes of the Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers and New York Yankees and sit among the elite franchises in professional sports.

it's one reason why Pierce thought even before the trade that the Nets were "the best fit" for him as his time with Boston came to an end.

DuJour spent the day with Pierce and his family to find out how they are acclimating to Brooklyn life, as we posted earlier, but now they've come out with additional quotes on topics related to basketball and, well, what life after basketball may look like for Pierce.

Some of the notable basketball quotes from the interview:

Recovering from a bad game: "Before I had kids, I'd be down for a couple days after a bad game. But Now if I have a bad game, I go home and the kids don't care."

His post-playing career ambitions: "If I can play another year after this, that would be great. But I want to stay involved in the game of basketball - maybe coaching or managing a team."

The future of the Nets franchise: "In the next ten to fifteen years it's going to be looked at like the Boston Celtics, the Los Angeles Lakers, or even an organization like the Yankees."

Pierce says he and his agent, Jeff Schwartz, agreed even before the big Draft Day trade that Brooklyn was "the best fit" for him if as expected the Celtics sent him elsewhere.

"I knew it was coming. [My agent and I] talked about it, and there were a few options out there, but we just felt Brooklyn was the best fit. So I kind of had the feeling leading up to the trade that something was going to happen with Brooklyn. But it’s not the case in all situations. Sometimes guys find out from Twitter or Sports Center."

The comments confirm what others in the Nets organization have said, that Pierce had told Danny Ainge that he preferred the Nets.  That's a far cry from the 2012 draft deadline when Pierce was hesitant about joining the Nets.

Also in the interview, Pierce talks about how much he likes New York, asking, in a bit of tease, "Why would you ever want to leave? It’s amazing." Pierce is a free agent in July.

As for the Knicks, Pierce continues to take the high road, but acknowledged, "I’ve never really liked the Knicks anyway."

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