Trade Idea: Tele + Taylor + Rights to Bogdanovic for Aleksey Shved.

The first reaction in everyone is probably "No, that is too much to give up" and "Bogdanovic is part of our future".

My problem with Bogdanovic is that whenever we bring him over, we will have to spend the mini-MLE on him. Altough we own his rights, so he can not sign with any other NBA team, from our point of view he is just like any other free agent. We need capspace to sign him.

We have to get used to it, that our team is a big market team now. We are playing inBrooklyn, and we have the richest and most willing to spend owner. Quality free agents are lining up to sign with us. Just look at this past summer: Blatche signed with us for 1.5 mill, Sdot and AA for minuimum, AK for miniMLE. If I'm the Nets I don't ever want to spend my mMLE on someone like Bogdanovic, especially after the Tele fiasco. We can get proven quality NBA players with our miniMLE. Bogbadovic' rights might be good value for a small market team, who has a hard time signing quality free agents. For the Nets, he is just a free agent option (who might even chose Barca instead of us), but we can probably do better than him with our mMLE.

Bogdanovic has a pretty good trade value right now. He was an all star in Eurobasket and didn't sing an extension with Fener. Now is the time to trade him. Next summer he might sign a long term deal with Barcelona, and he loses his trade value.

Teletovic looks like is not making the teams rotation in the second year of his three year 10 million deal either. Right now he is an overpaid third stringer. The only reason why he has some value is because of his good play at Eurobasket.

Taylor should be cut according to most guys here.

If you look at ti this way, we are not giving up any value in this trade.

You could have a problem with my proposal from the other side too, you might say "Is Shved really an upgrade over Livingston, Anderson or Terry right now? He will also be just a third stringer on our team."

You might be right, he would probably be the 3rd string PG and SG this season. But that is something that could be very important if we are going with our best players in our second string (Sdot - Jet - AA - AK - Blatche - putting AA at SF, AK at PF), and any of D-Will, JJ, Sdot or Terry go down.

Also Terry will be 38 next season, there is no guarantee that we can retain Livingston or Anderson (although with the rights to Bogs traded, and the mMLE retained, the chances would be better.), Shved could be a quality backup at either guard spot next season, and for our team's future.

Another consideration is that in this trade we are sending out about 800k more than what we are taking on. That means about 6-7 million savings with Tax money, and it also provides us a free roster spot.

This would give us a roster of:
D-Will / S-Dot / Shved
JJ / Terry / (Shved)
PP / AA / Toko
KG / AK / Reggie
Brook / Blatche / Plumlee

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