Where my "hams" that want to go H.A.M. at?!?!

My name is Dennis Velasco or DV for short... I know we live in the Twitter age, so the termination of letters is always a gd thng. In any case, the fine folks at Nets Daily have agreed to give me a little space on here. Miniscule, really. Actually, a lot less than that even. Considering my love for the Nets, I've happily accepted.

Some of you may know me from writing with the "other" Nets blog formerly on ESPN TrueHoop, Nets Are Scorching, which now goes by The Brooklyn Game and is mentioned on every YES broadcast. Or maybe you know me from The Basketball Jones (... moment of silence...), which has metamorphosed into The Starters and will begin their journey with NBA-TV and next week. NBA blogging street cred? Maybe. A harbinger of death and rebirth into a new identity? Track record don't lie...

However, I don't believe that Nets Daily will be changing names or moving on somewhere else, despite my presence. The roots have taken place here and a lot of that has to do with the Nets Daily community AKA you guys and gals. Considering everything that was happening, particularly the exponential growth of my joy and enthusiasm for the upcoming season, it seemed like a no-brainer to become as active a member of Nets Daily as I could and build on this great foundation.

Well, that's my introduction. Below is my first action of activity with all of you.

I'll be at the Nets open practice on Sunday. My LIRR train gets in at 1:07 pm and I'll be dragging two middle school-aged kids with me (my son and his friend). I'd love to record as many of the Nets Daily community as possible for a video to be featured here whereupon I ask the following three questions:

1) What are you looking most forward to this season?
2) Who/What will the X-Factor be for the Nets to succeed?
3) Will there be an NBA title in Brooklyn in 2014?

Want to participate? Follow me on Twitter (@dv140) and mention your eagerness to be in front of my iPhone (I have crazy skills in post-production, so don't sleep) on Sunday. I'll then DM you where to meet and what time. I plan to potentially shoot in three or four different places and times - outside by the oculus and inside by the main entrance with the scoreboard in the background before the game, and somewhere during halftime, maybe even after the practice.

So, there it is... my first (fan)post on Nets Daily. Don't worry, regular ones will be coming and, hopefully, it's only the beginning of something long and great... like this Nets team.

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