I'm not a fan of Fantasy GM-ing, but I hammered out a nice Trade for Billy King...

I'm thinking the Billy King Network needs to get together. Brooks Hump and Pick for Korver, Henderson, and Milsap! This is half sarcastic. But it addresses all of our needs.


Send: Brooks to Atlanta and a 2013: 1st round pick (or Bogs) to Atlanta, and Hump to Charlotte w/ a 2014 - 1st round pick (or Bogdanovich)

Receive: Kover from Atlanta and Milsap from Utah and Henderson from Charlotte

Why we do it:

  • Milsap is a decent PF, that we can bring back on a solid and fair contract and move later if need be.
  • Korver is possibly a perfect addition at back up SG for the Nets. Good chemistry with Watson from the Chicago Bench Mob. A Billy King guy, too, so we should be able to re-sign. He's a professional, 31 year old, sniper, who can play solid Defense. He's also 6'7" so he fits what we're trying to do with Size, and will back up Joe nicely.
  • Gerald Henderson is a solid defensive, athletic wing that backs up Wallace nicely. He can run the floor well, too.
  • This addresses all of our needs, across the board, and the pieces fit well.


Send: Milsap to Brooklyn, 2nd round pick to Atlanta

Receive: Lou Williams from Atlanta, Sessions from Charlotte

Why they do it:

They need to move Milsap to make room for Favors. He's available. Lou Williams would be an awesome get for them by himself. Adding Sessions as another PG option gives them two really good players in the back court to mesh with their young, up and coming front court. I think they bite on this right away.


Send: Korver to Brooklyn, Lou Williams to Utah

Receive: Brooks from Brooklyn, 2013 First round pick from Brooklyn (or Bogs), 2013 Second rounder from Utah

Why the Hawks do it:

This is the longest odds, but there is a potential. The Hawks have 5 SG's right now. Jenkins, Williams, Korver, Morrow, Stephenson. They are freeing up cap space for Howard and Paul. They liked Brooks early on, and this move saves them $3.5 Million next year. They can use that to bring in Bogs, or to make max offers to Paul and Howard while retaining Smith. It gives them a lot of flexibility. Lou Williams is very good. But, if this doesn't work out, they may land Bogs on a bargain, and Morrow can develop. It's not a crazy scenario to me, for a player who is expiring, and a decent, but not exceptional SG. They are being well compensated for these two players, and would have a legit chance at a line up that includes Teague, CP3, J-Smoove, DH12, Brooks, and Horford w/ Morrow popping 3's.


Send: Sessions to Utah, Henderson to Brooklyn

Receive: Humphries from Brooklyn, a 1st round pick from Brooklyn

Why Charlotte Does it: It helps them tank for a top pick like Nerlens Noel. Hump is someone they had interest in. This gives them him on an expiring deal. They have PG depth with Kemba, and Henderson is a free agent. Sessions is the only give up, with one more year left, and they're getting a 1st round pick to take on salary for one season, in a player they already wanted, and to trade Sessions. Not a terrible deal for them.

I don't have the game on, and with all the talk about Milsap, what we can get for Hump, Brooks, and a Pick, needing an athletic wing, and needing a shooter. I decided to try my hand at being Billy King. The salaries work. Atlanta saves money. Utah gets a big improvement in their back court for years, and frees up Favors. Charlotte helps solidify their odds of getting a top pick, with a player they wanted, and more picks in the future to build a cheap and talented roster for the future. Brooklyn gets pieces to fit every identifiable position of need.

I actually think this might be a realistic trade proposal. I want others thoughts.

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