Irina Pavlova

Who knew asking for a picture with someone could turn into an experience of a lifetime?

Myself and two friends, natives of central Jersey and avid Nets fans, went to go see our team play in preseason against Philly in Atlantic City. We had a great time there, and got to meet many players and people in the Nets organization. One of them was Irina Pavlova, who we got a picture with. She was very nice to meet and even had her assistant get a picture of all of us on her phone. I managed to connect with her on Twitter and Instagram because of our acquaintance.

I was thrilled to find out that my dad had bought tickets to Knicks vs. Nets on opening night in Brooklyn for my birthday. Obviously, the game was postponed, but we still went later that month and had fun screaming our heads off for our Nets and against the Knicks at the Battle of the Boroughs. After the game, I spotted Irina going into the tunnel and asked if she remembered us from Atlantic City. She said of course, told us it was nice to see us again, and high fived us going into the tunnel.

We get a Tweet later that night from Irina saying

Great to see you guys tonight! You are my first tweet ever! Love the poster!

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Obviously we are happy that we are in contact with such a nice lady and key part of the Nets organization, but could not predict what would happen in January.
I wake up after the long night of New Years eve to find a message on Instagram, saying Happy New Year and offering tickets to the Nets Kings game on January 5th. We're all in, so she emails us information about her four COURTSIDE seats, even warning us jokingly saying its hard to sit anywhere else after sitting in those seats.
We go, and have a night in Brooklyn we will never forget. Our front row spots were just a few feet from the Nets bench, and they passed us every time we checked in. This was also the game Mirza had a breakthrough. We met so many people and were on TV every time they went down the court to the side of the Nets bench. We had access to the courtside club, where we had gourmet food, and the Nets practice court, where we shot around for a while. The retail price of the tickets was out of this world. Sitting literally on the court was nothing short of surreal. We thanked Irina time and time again for such an oppurtunity.
The bottom line is, the Brooklyn Nets employment is great. They are nice, down to earth people, who in our case gave back to dedicated fans. We should all feel wonderful about not just how the team is doing, but the way that the franchise is run off the court. Thank you, Ms. Pavlova, for one of the most memorable moments of our lives.
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