So could it be that JJ Hickson is available?

So, an interesting note on the circumstances of JJ Hickson, are that he might not be a part of Portland's long term plans given the money he is due to receive.

I find this article to be a little bit more fantasy thinking than, reality given JJ Hickson's cap hold for Portland would only be about $7.6M and that they could still be a factor in Free Agency with him, but for a player of his age, and talent, we have to kick the tires on him, and see if something comes loose.

According the article, Hickson's value might not be more than that of a couple of 2nd rounders. Well, if that's all it takes, BOOM, DONE! But, I'd give up a 1st round pick for Hickson, and I'd sleep plenty good about it. JJ is only making $4 Million dollars this year. With a need at SF and PF, I would look to acquire Hickson cheap, and leave Humps contract to net a SF who can contribute significant minutes behind Wallace.

Now Hickson is known as a terrible defender. So, I do not think this is our final solution at the 4. But, he has elite athletic ability, and is young enough to coach. If we can't fix him, we can move him next year for a player that might be a better fit.

His $4M salary would be tough to deal for, and I'm not sure how easily it would be to pull a deal off. But, if we can work out a three-way deal, there might be something to get going there.

The total fantasy would be to involve Minnesota, and target AK-47. I think I could make the basketball make sense, but Portland and Minny's front offices hate each other. The Nic Batum contract, Brandon Roy, and a list of other topics, have put those two at odds with each other. But, just for the sake of conversation, how about this:

Brooklyn Sends Out: Hump, Brooks, Bogans, Damion James, and Toko

Brooklyn Gets: AK-47, Brandon Roy (who we might trade as an expiring next year), and JJ Hickson (who we extend)

Minnesota Sends Out: AK-47 and Roy (Salary Dump)

Minnesota Gets: Hump (home town guy, back up for Love), Wesley Matthews (viable SG)

Portland Sends Out: Wesley Matthews ($6.5M in cap relief) and JJ Hickson

Portland Gets: Marshon (centerpiece SG), Damion James (10 day expire, or cheap SF), Bogans (1 yr deal), Toko (Raw talented SF to build on).

That's a return that could be interesting. Again, this is just for some conversation. I saw Hickson's name might be on the table, and he's definitely worth taking a look at if available.

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