2013 Off-Season

Deadlines and Commitments - LXXXVIII


Emotional moments will be many in the season ahead from the return of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to Boston, the Christmas Day game vs. the Bulls, the Battle or the Boroughs on MLK Day, etc. Call...

Who owns New York? Everyone has an opinion


The season begins in a few days and local sportswriters and bloggers are looking forward to big doings on basketball courts in Brooklyn and Manhattan. The Times, Daily News and AP all take a shot...

Billy King Talks Nets with David Aldridge


During the preseason game between the Nets and Heat, Billy King talked with NBA.com's David Aldridge about Mikhail Prokhorov's willingness to spend, the hiring of Jason Kidd, a potential rivalry a...

Previewing the Chicago Bulls


We're taking a look at one of the teams that figure to compete for the Title this year, the Chicago Bulls, with Derrick Rose back and a solid supporting cast..

Can Nets "buy" a championship? Two opinions


In a chat a few days back and in a preseason video, Larry Coon and Chris Mannix have somewhat different takes on whether the Nets can "spend" or "buy" their way to a championship. Coon thinks not....


AK-47 on short list of "LeBron stoppers"?

No one talks much about it, but the Nets' off-season had a subtext to it: matching up against the Heat. While everyone focuses on HOW the Nets got Andrei Kirilenko, the reason WHY they got him...

Brooklyn Nets 2013-14 Season Preview


The Brooklyn Nets are going for it in 2013-14, adding three future Hall of Famers to their roster -- Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and head coach Jason Kidd -- in order to win the NBA Championship.

Highlights From Jason Kidd Press Conference


Jason Kidd met with the media today, about one week prior to the official Media Day, and here are the highlights from his presser.

Pierce sees a Brooklyn ring enhancing his legacy


Paul Pierce talked to Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe about his legacy this week, mainly about if he will return to Boston on retiring. Then he talked about how he could move up in the "all-time...

Brook Lopez: "I'm out there doing everything"


ESPN New York's Ian Begley caught up with Brook Lopez at an NBA Cares charity event in New York on Saturday and reports the Nets center is ready for training and has no restrictions. Of his foot,...


Three-point shooting a big plus for Nets?


The Nets lost their best three-point marksman last year in C.J. Watson, replacing him with Shaun Livingston, who hasn't made a three in three years. But they added the No. 4 and 5 three pointer...

Coon: Nets only big winner in CBA


Larry Coon, salary cap guru, says that in the third year of the collective bargaining agreement there is but one winner ... and for one reason. That would be the Nets and Mikhail Prokhorov's...


Pierce: Brooklyn a "great fit"

In a short YouTube video on the Sprint Channel, Paul Pierce talks about the difficulty of leaving Boston, how he wanted to retire on the parquet floor of TD Garden, then discusses his new home ......

DWill, Pierce talk Nets at DodgeBall


Deron WIlliams, who was in a walking boot, spoke about the moves the Nets made over the summer along with what is wrong with his ankle. Paul Pierce didn't shy away from talking about his health but...

SI.com Top 100 in 2014: Williams, KG and Lopez


The rankings for Deron Williams, Kevin Garnett and Brook Lopez, according to SI.com's Top 100 of 2014 list.

Will Nets be fast ... or just fast-paced?


Back in those prehistoric days before "The Trade," Jason Kidd spoke about how he wanted the Nets to be "explode early, get up and down." How much has changed since the Nets acquired three rotation...

SI.com Top 100 Players: Joe Johnson


SI.com ranked the Top 100 players for the upcoming 2013-14 NBA season, and in the bottom half of their rankings only one Brooklyn Nets player is listed, and that's Joe Johnson at No. 59.

Ranking teams without really ranking teams


It's too early to write up the definitive season previews, but it's basically dead time for the NBA. So writers look for other ways of ranking teams, without really ranking teams. USA Today ranks...

D-Will: "Of course we want to run New York"


By the standards of the growing rivalry, Deron Williams comment Saturday was mild. "Of course we want to run New York. The Knicks are our rival. I don't get into too much of the talking. We'll...

Livingston prepares for life after basketball


Sam Amick has a feature on Nets point guard Shaun Livingston who spent part of his summer preparing for life after basketball, taking part in the league's 3-day seminar on how the business of...

Doc Rivers REALLY liked coaching KG


Doc Rivers was back in Boston Thursday for a charity event and spoke to WEEI, the Celtics station, about Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, two of his favorite subjects. He's talked about both when...

Teletovic heading to USA for voluntary workouts


In an interview with Bosnian reporters, Mirza Teletovic talked about how someone from the Nets had contacted him, asking when he was returning to the US.. Players have been informally working at...

Coach Kidd talks about his team


Rod Boone ran into Jason Kidd at Fashion Week Tuesday and tweeted out Kidd's comments on his jersey retirement ceremony, Paul Pierce exhibiting leadership qualities, who's been working out at the...

Schuhmann: KG has done well in back-to-back's


John Schuhmann takes note of Jason Kidd's quotes about Kevin Garnett not playing back-to-backs and thinks it's a smart long term strategy, but note that the numbers show he is more than capable of...

KG: Nets already have "good bones"


Kevin Garnett told Sina TV before departing China, that the team, he, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry will be joining already had "good bones," but declined to say the Nets will challenge the Heat for...

Bojan Bogdanovic - a critical appraisal


Bojan Bogdanovic hasn't cost the Nets much, other than some frustration. Nets acquired the 6'8" swingman on draft night 2011 for $1.25 million dollars and a second round pick in 2013. What's he...

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