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Schultz: Nets Among Biggest "Losers" of Offseason

Jordan Schultz of the Huffington Post wrote a column this morning calling the Brooklyn Nets one of the biggest losers of the offseason, after the team had received mostly praise all summer for their offseason moves.

"The Truth" talks BKLYN: D-Will, Prokhorov, Knicks

In an interview with Adam Figman of SLAM, Paul Pierce talks about what he and Kevin Garnett can bring to Brooklyn, Mikhail Prokhorov's long-term legacy, how he's getting on and what he listens to before Knicks games.

Parish warns Pierce of an "awkward" transition

In an interview with The Sporting News, Robert Parish says Paul Pierce should expect an initial period of awkwardness as he transitions from 15 years in Boston to his first year in Charlotte. Parish left Boston after 14 years with the Celtics.

Silver: Mikhail Prokhorov "playing by the rules"

Adam Silver admitted to Tim Bontemps Wednesday that what the Nets did this off-season is perfectly legal under the CBA, but it's not something the league anticipated during its labor talks with the players union two years ago.

Lowe: Lots of animosity, jealousy towards Nets

Bill Simmons and Zach Lowe of Grantland talk for more than 10 minutes about the Nets as part of the latest B.S. Report .. and the basic point of the podcast is that the Nets are the focus of a lot of "jealousy and animosity" toward Brooklyn.

Are the Nets "like the Beatles?" Plumlee says yes!

Mason Plumlee was at the MSG training facility in Westchester Tuesday for the annual rookie photo shoot. He spoke openly about the Nets' own expectations for the season. He chose an interesting analogy. "We're going to be like The Beatles."

Aldridge: Nets had second best offseason

According to David Aldridge of NBA.com, the Brooklyn Nets had the second best offseason, behind only the Houston Rockets who signed Dwight Howard this summer.

Nets, a team full of ex-teammates

Teammates should make for good chemistry, and as a list we put together shows, the players --and coaches-- who will make up the Nets next season have often worked together ... and like each other.

Nets trade assets - all in to win

To say this year's summary of the Nets cap situation differs from last year's understates what we've seen this summer. One of the biggest stories of the NBA off-season has been Mikhail Prokhorov's break-the-bank treatment of the CBA

Rivers: Brooklyn could give Pierce "more life"

Doc Rivers, who coached Paul Pierce for nine years, understood Pierce's disappointment but tells Rod Boone a positive reception in Brooklyn could give the future Hall of Famer's career "more life."

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