2013 Free Agency

Stories related to 2013 free agency

KG may miss some games, but he can still shoot


Ben Couch, in his continuing series on the Nets off-season acquisitions, takes a look at Kevin Garnett's shot charts and finds that the 6'11" center-power forward can still shoot ... at a very high...

For Nets, Knicks, a rivalry that's already begun


As Andy Vasquez of the Record writes the two New York teams Thursday, "Debating which team is better in August, is a bit of a fruitless exercise, but one NBA fans engage in because, we’ve got a...

Can Nets benefit from the "JET Phenomenon?"


The context is quite different, but some of the facts are interesting nonetheless. Mavs Moneyball examines the JET Phenomenon, that is the effect Jason Eugene Terry had on the Mavs during their...

Lopez: "We're checking our egos at the door"


Brook Lopez spoke at last week G-Shocked event to a number of reporters, including Angel Diaz, whose interview was published Monday. if you want more optimism, you came to the right place.

Snaer rejects Nets camp invite, signs in Italy


Michael Snaer, the 6'5" Florida State shooting guard, has rejected a Nets offer to join their training camp roster and instead has signed with an Italian League team, Enel Brindisi. The signing was...

Agents played big role in Nets off-season


Some of the NBA's biggest agents, most prominently Jeff Schwartz and Andy Miller, were big players in the Nets off-season, from the hiring of Jason Kidd to getting Kevin Garnett to waive his...

Pierce, Terry talk to Boston Globe about future


Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe spoke to Paul Pierce and Jason Terry in recent days, Terry about the short-term, Pierce the long-term. Both were optimistic, with Pierce admitting he will reassess...

Can Nets, Clippers "run" their towns?


Jeff Caplan of NBA.com examines the rising fortunes of the Nets and Clippers and suggests that while both clubs can make a dent in the popularity of their big rivals, the Knicks and Lakers still...

LeBron impressed with Nets moves


LeBron James in an interview with ESPN's Brian Windhorst says he's impressed with the moves the Nets made this off-season bringing in Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry and new coach Jason...

Alan Anderson ... the bonus Net


As the Nets moved from Plan B (finding a wing after Bojan Bogdanovic couldn't get out of his buyout) to Plan A+ (signing Andrei Kirilenko), they took a long look at Alan Anderson. Even after AK-47...

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