2013 Free Agency

Stories related to 2013 free agency

Spike Lee says Paul Pierce "talking crazy"


Like Walt Frazier said, it's the fans that create rivalries, but players can help and that's what's happening around New York, despite some "tut-tuts" from writers who think it's all so silly. The...

How much gas does this JET have left?


Jason Terry is a spark plug off the bench, but after a down year in Boston, many wonder if he can be a quality role play for the Nets. Reed Wallach believes he has plenty left to offer.

Nets get 'A' from CBS Sports


The reports on who did well this off-season continue to sputter in. Tuesday, it was Matt Moore of CBS Sports offering his take, and despite some sniping about the Nets love of marketing --and...

JET: "We got champions ... we got tons of talent"


Before joining his teammates in L.A. Jason Terry stopped by Floyd Mayweather's training camp in Las Vegas. Chris Robinson of Doghouse Boxing caught up with him and asked him about the Nets. As he...

Game 7 collapse drove Celtic trade, says Eagle


It was the collapse against a depleted Bulls team that drove the Nets to make the big Celtic deal, says Ian Eagle. Getting "pushed around in their own building" drove "upper management" to address...

Teletovic hopes for opportunity early next season


Mirza Teletovic, interviewed after Bosnia lost to Russia in a Eurobasket friendly, said he hopes to get an opportunity to prove himself at the beginning of next season and said the front office has...

Kidd: No back-to-backs for KG


The Nets play 20 back-to-backs this season and Kevin Garnett probably won't play both ends of any of them. So says Jason Kidd who said he's spoken to KG about it. Garnett, 37, played 68 games last...

Prokhorov: "For me, there's only one place: first"


Mikhail Prokhorov talked to Sport-Express, Russia's leading sport sites this week, providing details of his strategy, including how money means less to him than "his principles," that is, "for me,...

Deron Williams and the need to lead


If the Nets are to be serious contenders this season, even with all that All-Star talent, Deron Williams has to lead them. Chris Broussard writes that if Williams can lead them to a big season, he...

Pierce: I hate the Knicks "with a passion"


Angel Diaz interviewed Paul Pierce at last week's G-Shock event. It's published this week in Complex Magazine. Let's just say he leaves no doubt about how he feels about the Knicks. He hates them...

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