Job Application

I did this partly for fun, and partly because it is something I really want to do but have no email address where to send it. I think you would appreciate reading it.

Dear Mr Yormark,

I am sure that emails similar to the one I am writing are not uncommon in the team’s inbox; therefore, should my email not be considered, I understand.

I am a 25 year attorney at law who was born and lives in Malta, Europe, a tiny island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, with a population of less than four hundred thousand people. After having obtained my Doctor of Laws degree from the University of Malta in December 2011, I initiated my own private practice. My main areas of practice are property and contract law.

I have a deep interest in sport, particularly basketball. I play as a small forward with a local amateur team, and have, in the past formed part of my national team. In the past, I have coached kids, officiated games, and presently form part of the Malta Basketball Association’s new project: the basketball promotion and media relations committee. In Malta, basketball is only about the sixth most popular sport at best, and thus it will come as no surprise that my country has next to none NBA coverage. Very few people follow the NBA (as opposed to watching highlights), and all of them are Lakers and Heat fans.

I have been a fan of the Nets for about eight years. I have followed the Nets fervently, and purchased League Pass since the year it became available to International fans. I watched every single game in the 12-70 season and most of the games during the other years. Taking into consideration the time difference, games are played during local night time, and I am not foreign to buzzer-beating shots being taken at 4.00am in my country; all on an 11-inch netbook. I follow the Nets on a daily basis on the internet, by watching games, contribute as a member on, and being active on the social media.

I always thought that given the fact I was a student, there was little chance I could watch my team in person. However, in 2009, I received the biggest surprise of my life: the Nets announced they were going to play two exhibition games in Europe. In order to afford the trip, I found a summer job, worked hard all summer and saved all my income to fulfil one of my biggest dreams - that of watching the Nets play. In the first week of October of that same year, I followed the Nets in Paris and London, and watched both games against the Miami Heat. A year later, I did the same thing and travelled watched the Nets play two regular season games in London against the Toronto Raptors.

I was a huge fan of the New Jersey Nets, and continue to be a huge fan of the Brooklyn Nets. As a result, nothing in the world would make happier than having the opportunity to travel and settle in the United States, and work for the Brooklyn Nets.

Therefore, should any career opportunity arise, kindly consider this email as an expression of interest of a passionate, loyal and determined fan.

I look forward to hear from you.



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