Boston fans hate the new look Nets

Here is some wonderful quotes from the unlikable fanbase:

From RealGM:

"They had a chance to make a big splash, instead they've got an ugly arena and bland, sterile looking uni's. Oh well, who cares, can't win em all. It's what's on the court that counts."

"Trying too hard. Too gimmicky. Building a new arena and updating your jerseys shouldn't be a focus. Maybe they should try building a quality team."

"I think it's lame when teams move to other cities. All of a sudden they are the "Brooklyn" Nets. There should be a rule when you leave a city you have to rename your team. Los Angles LAKERS? :lol:Utah JAZZ :lol:"

From CelticsBlog:

"That's really plain; really "New York." ..I can dig it."

In regards to signing Blatche:

"I don't know, I have trouble taking the Nets seriously as an organization. It just seems they're built entirely on flash and entertainment, not on being a truly cohesive, championship competitive organization. I don't see anyone on that team, not Deron, Crash, or Joe Johnson, who will step up as a true leader of the team and drive them forward to success (as KG/Pierce/Rondo have done for us.) I have trouble imagining the Nets being serious about defense and prevailing through tough situations. I think they're honestly going to be a lot like the Knicks who are a pretty big joke themselves. They'll be a tough team to play due to their talent, but ultimately harmless.

And I think Blatche combined with a NYC might be a disaster."

And then there is more:

In regards to Knicks or Nets challenging Boston's Atlantic Division crown:

"The Knicks. Easily. They are deeper than both Brooklyn and Philadelphia and have a better defense than both teams. The Nets' defense is more than likely going to be atrocious and their bench is garbage"

I really hope we destroy them in the pre-season, regular season and post season.

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