Nets Fans Expectations

Allow me to remind everyone of a little something:

The Nets have completed a four-team trade that sends Courtney Lee to the Rockets and brings Sparta nativeTroy Murphy to New Jersey. The deal was approved by the league offices at around 3 p.m. after being in the works for a week.


its a nice trade

but it doesnt make the nets a playoff team. I think Lee would have helped the Nets more in the future. I doubt the Nets are willing to pay Murphy long term money to stay next year.


I disagree

Murphy is a double double, now everybody will know their role in the guard rotation allow T-will an morrow to flourish, Murphy will help out Lopez.


i disagree why cant this team be a playoff team?


Not good for a 8th seed aleast

This team should be able to win at least 38 games.

THIS MEANS PLAYOFFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like this move and I already thought The Nets had a chance to make the playoffs but with Murphy I feel even more confident. I just hope Murphy doesn’t start over Favors, Favors should be with the starting lineup so that he can learn and develop. Murphy should come off the bench and play with T Will and control the 2nd unit, and this moves also gives us someone that can play in close games, so it’s a win/win.

Nets starters 3pt% last season

Harris 28%
Morrow 46%
Outlaw 38%
Murphy 38%

Welcome to some breathing room Mr. Lopez and Mr. Harris. And Farmar comes off the bench shooting 38%!

We got Murphy in the deal

But we also get Harris back. This is why: we have solid scorers at each position. Morrow, TWill, Outlaw, Farmar, James, Murphy, Favors, Lopez, etc. can all score and SHOOT. Harris is going to be 08-09 form.

Plus, they save a lot of money. If they would have signed David Lee or Boozer, it would have killed their cap space for years. Now we have options AND a high quality starting PF who can rebound, shoot, and score.

Also, just gonna say this. The Nets have a deeper, better TEAM than Miami. But Miami will win because they have LeJerk, Wade, Bosh

I’m REAL optomistic blah to the 8th seed. If Things gel correctly I don’t see why we can’t get as high as 6.

People keep putting in Charlotte like they are automatic they are STILL looking for a starting PG. And thier bigs aren’t impressive.

Can Milwalkee do it again? Does Corey Magette and drew gooden and Team killer CDR make them better? Will Mike Redd want to play?

Atlanta did not get better. And many think they have hit thier ceiling. Mike Bibby is getting slowER/oldER

And our 12 win team beat Chicago twice lst year. We Match up very well with them now.

No one in the Conference really concerns me but the Heat.

Celtics are older losses of Tony Allen, Rasheed And Kendrick will hurt them. And they are a year older.

Orlando lost Matt Barnes and Dwight still can’t shoot. We Move Outlaw to the 4 against them (Rashard Lewis)and start James at the 3….

Can’t wait for people to hop the Wagon. And If we are around # 5-7 by Deadline Time Maybe Murphy, Outlaw and Picks for Melo… just for Kicks. Hopefully just Outlaw gets it done. Brooklyn will need a “King” Why not Melo? He can commute for a Year or a year and a half. Jay-Z needs a new Bball friend. LOL.


That is a lineup in which Lopez would do well. Murphy, Morrow, Outlaw, and Harris (To some extent) can all shoot the three. They may have some problems defensively but this kind of looks like Orlando light. Surround Brook with 3pt guys and let him go to work. Brook has a better offense (Not saying he’s better than Howard overall…) and should do well. Opponents pick their poison. Double Brook and leave capable 3 pt shooters or let their center go one on one?The backups also can play solid D.

Compare new Nets team to 06-07 Dallas

Dallas starters: Terry, Stackhouse, Howard, Nowitzki, Dampier
Nets starters: Harris, Morrow, Outlaw, Murphy, Lopez

Dallas bench: Harris, George, Buckner, Diop, Croshere, Johnson
Nets bench: Williams, James, Ross, Petro, Favors, Farmar

Dallas had more firepower starting than Nets, but Nets bench is much better. If Avery can get them playing team defense like that Dallas team then they should at least make the playoffs.

My thoughts are

That getting this team to the playoffs is up to Avery. We have the talent. He needs to get us to do work. We can make the playoffs under his coaching.

i think we will suprise alot of people and the people on this forum who say we will win 37 gms and there is nothing wrong with that but with this team on paper you have to get aleast to .500
Espn must feel stupid 26 wins before the trade i wonder how many wins we get with murphy 27?

The Nets before the trade could have made the playoffs.

Longshot but possible. Filling the PF with a borderline all star in production is a huge plus. Maybe not good enough but it’s close now.

We've been down this road before. We know how your projections for a season won't always work out to what you think, because what you think is an ideal. It is the perfection of a system, not the reality of it. We have expectations based on the past, not because of anything we've seen with our eyes.

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