A Netsdaily & Social Media Day to Remember-our First Crowd Sourced Nickname

There are so many reasons why this site is not just the greatest sports blog on the web, but quite possibly the greatest blog on the web. Greatness is an art, not a science, but this site has the perfect mix of diverse members and a team of administrators who work hard to police the integrity of community and generate THE best Brooklyn Nets related content anywhere in the world.

The site has had many milestones but I wanted to point out one new one that hopefully puts a smile on more than just my face. As you all know we have 3 exciting rookies on our roster. One of them who is about to turn 21 and hails from a country that is best known to people in this nation as a state (or the birthplace of Stalin) whose background the ESPN draft announcers knew little of and whose trade to the Nets provoked this fantastic gif.



Well fast forward a few months and the kid who wasn't even supposed to be on the our roster is. Many of us have watched this guy play and continue to grow (physically and game wise) to earn his spot on the inaugural Brooklyn Nets team. I know there is a wide range of perspectives on how good this kid is and could be. The purpose of this post is not to discuss that. It is in the hands of our young Georgian to do that and anyone who knows a little about this kid knows, whatever happens in his career he should be expected to give it his absolute best shot.

The purpose of this post is something a little bit different. It is to commend one specific poster who on July 18th, 2013 coined a nickname that will live forever as the official nickname of Toko. Let me bring you back to this post by the great and wise N. Ireland Nets Fan

He’s the Tokomotive, non stop engine and he is an absolute machine.
Tokomotive is the best nickname for the kid, sums him up

by N.Ireland Nets Fan on Jul 18, 2012 6:39 PM EDT up actions



Well to many of us Toko's play in Eurobasket qualifiers and the Summer League fully cemented this as the moniker for our Toko. Many of us continue to use this name and even took to the web to hashtag it when talking about Toko. Last week thanks to the marvels of instagram Netsnation was connected to the Tokomotive's sister (not sure if she is older or younger) and she came to the hashtag used to describe her brother. She was so excited about this nickname that she has taken to it to make sure when the whole worlds see's Shengelia they think Tokomotive. How do I know? Well checking I came across this picture of Tokomotive and his sister.



[ @ ] sofosh Chillin w ma bro #brother #instacollage #toko #tokomotive #tornikeshengelia #sister#brooklynnets

As can only be the case in true democracy, we the fans have created and implemented the nickname best suited for our man. Hopefully he will be impressive enough to elicit Tokomotive chants and to push Adidas and/or Nike (his shoe sponsor) to create a whole line of Tokomotive based apparel. When that happens know this--it started here with us thanks to a great post by one of our greatest members.

Now get ready to watch the revolution unfold on the court and on the web.

GMJigga and other great video guys on here -- I cannot wait until Toko earns his special mixtape but for now this will do

Tornike Shengelia Mix (via hulkkluh1)

Tornike Shengelia flying (via TheTokagamer)


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