Imagining Opening Night - Nets versus Knicks - The Narrative

It's something that we've all been dreaming about. Opening Night! The Barclays Center! Hello Brooklyn!!! Why wait? Here is what happens in Game 1 versus the Knicks!! If you're in the mood, enjoy the read.

Arriving at the Barclays Center: It's pretty early. Folks are streaming into the Barclays Center by 6pm. Traffic is crawling outside the arena. But the NetsNation faithful are flooding the streets outside of the Barc. Inside the Barc, there's a palpable buzz in the air. It's a sold out game and fans are sauntering like zombies inside the new spotless arena, eyes wide open in wonderment. The Barc is breathtaking. And there's Yormark. Strutting around like a proud papa. Soon, the lights start to dance on the maplewood and the first beats of music get pumped. It's Digable Planets' "Cool Like That." The mode is set.

Pregame Warmup: The arena is filling up fast. Fans are being given free black or white Brooklyn Nets t-shirts. This is Yormark's idea. And not just any t-shirts. But more on that in a bit. Out come your Brooklyn Nets to warm up. The house goes wild. Deron stops at center court, looks around and starts grinning from ear to ear. He's pumped. Avery is already sweating profusely. He's amped. There's a smattering of boos directed toward the Knicks as they warm up. Somewhere in television land, Charles Barkley is grumbling about how the Knicks are "turri-bull" and that he expects the Nets to blow them out tonight. Celebrity sightings!! Jay and the first lady B. Proky in the sky box. There's Irina. Being following by a tall middle-age guy. Could it be frequent poster Paul Erstein? She turns around to see who's stalking her, and he looks away embarrassed. Net Income is in the house, armed with his Ipad. Elone is drawing a crowd of fans who all want to be his friend. High-fives are flying and the music is pumping. It's JayZ, "On to the Next One." Jerry25 is seen talking to Billy King courtside. Perhaps plotting for mid-season acquisitions?

Team Introduction: The lights go out. The t-shirts adorned by 18 thousand plus fans begin to glow an eerie flourescent. Credit to Yormark for the luminous t-shirt idea. The sound system begins to swell. It's the sound of a heart beat. Slow and silent at first. Now it's picking up the pace. Faster and louder. Soon you feel as if your skin is melting. And then . . . . the sound of a flatline. Lights hit center court and out come the surviving members of the Beastie Boys. Ad-Roc and Mike - D start a riff of "No Sleep Til Brooklyn." The crowd is going crazy. A picture of the late MCA is floating overhead on the big screen. The duo then start a riff introducing the Nets starting five with rap lyrics. It's so loud in the arena, your bones are vibrating. The camera cuts away to the Knicks, who were introduced to sounds of crickets. Amar'e can be seen with his mouth wide open. Next to him the camera captures Carmelo mouthing, "holy moiso!" Meanwhile, the Nets get into their huddle. Deron is yelling like a madman. Then the team links up and forms a circle. TyShawn gets in the middle and starts to Dougie. It's crazy!

The Game Starts: The Knicks wobble onto the court. Still sort of confused. Fans are sweating from the excitement and even Clyde has no words to express the moment. Hump wins the opening tip against Chandler, who immediately starts jawing with him. Deron finds an open Joe Johnson for a 3! The first basket in Brooklyn Nets history. The rest of the start of the game plays out very badly for the Knicks. Felton simply can't stop Deron. Kidd subs in and pulls a hammy (or so he claims). Brook Lopez is having his way with Chandler with a series of crafty post moves. Before you know it, the Nets are up 23 - 6. And Deron keeps pouring it on. Finding open Net after open Net. He's possessed. Chandler gets called for a tech after another Hump put back dunk. Chandler, the Amish model, already has 3 fouls midway into the first quarter. The quarter is nearly over and now it's Nets up 31 - 12. Somewhere in studio, Barkley is cackling.

Rest of first Half: Nets sub in CJ, Mirza and Andray to begin the second quarter. Avery gets in Andray's grill before sending him onto the floor. Andray has enjoyed a successful preseason, but Avery wants him to be aggressive. Andray looks sinister. Moiso is about to go down. The pace quickens. The Nets are running a high-low option with Andray getting the ball deep against Amare' and passing out to open shooters. Mirza is lighting it up. That's 3 treys within minutes. A large contingent of euroball fans are chanting long and loud for Mirza. The lead is now up to 61 - 34 and half time is moments away. The camera pans to Carmelo who is arguing with Amare'. The two have to be separated. Carmelo had a bad half. 1 - 11 from the field and lots of rushed shots. Amare' hasn't touched the ball since early in the second quarter. Instructions are given to secure all fire extinguishers in the building. Kidd is seen with a bag of ice draping his head. Something about a migraine.

Halftime: The music is pumping. It's a carnival like atmosphere. The Dancers are on the floor. The instrumental version of the Beastie Boys' Paul Revere is blasting. Hips are shaking. This is Brooklyn! Even the restrooms are clean. Several Knicks fans who arrived in their obligatory hideous blue and orange garb are seen at the concession shop purchasing Brooklyn Nets gear. Spike Lee is sitting courtside with his baseball cap pulled over his head. Odd that he's wearing a Jeremy Lin jersey. Oh well . . .

The rest of the Game: In simple terms, it's a blowout. The starters are done for the night by the early fourth quarter. Toko and Tyshawn come into the game to wild applause in the fourth. The domination continues. Deron finishes with 18 assists and Brook Lopez and Joe Johnson share leading scorer honors, each recording 27 points. Hump records a double double with 15 boards and 10 points. Mirza leads all bench scorers with 18 points and the rest of the Nets roster show balanced scoring. As the clock begins to wind down, a jubilant Deron Williams is seen acting comically on the bench. We suspect he's mocking Chandler's second technical which booted him from the game. Final score Nets 112 - Knicks 71. On a 3 - 22 shooting night, Carmelo declines to participate in the postgame interviews.

Postgame: The Nets faithful slowly depart and swamp the streets of Brooklyn. There will be plenty of postgame celebrations. Elone is swarmed by a gaggle of admirers as he heads to the mens room. Back in studio, Stephen A. Smith is yelling that the Nets are "taking o-vah." Barkley is still cackling. The night is over, but the greatest season in Nets history lives on.

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