The mystifying Dwight Howard deal

I am so insanly lost on hennigans train of thought. This is a horrible deal for the Magic they caved so hard. This is just a horrible deal even compared to the Nets deal which I thought was "ok" but this is HORRIBLE.

Lets see this purley from the Magic point of view compared to the Nets last deal.

Lakers Deal

Arron Afflalo a 10 point a game 2 guard who is in a bad contract(5y 35mill) which the Magic have been trying to get rid of.

Al Harrington a 32 year old role player stuck in another bad contract(4y 25mill).

Nikola Vucevic 21 year old that averaged 5 and 5 last year who looks decent but no better.

Moe Harkless a mid 1st round pick from ST Johns who is 19 and you dont know what your getting from him

They get three first rounders that will not be lottery picks and only kick back one bad contract and it wasen't even Hedo's.

Nets Deal

Brook Lopez a 20 a game scorer, grant it with defense a rebounding problems,but a good piece.

Kris Humphries regardless of the fact that they hate him its 1-3 years of Hump compared to the 4 and 5 years of Harrington and Afflalo

The Nets would give them 4 first rounders that would not be lottery but niether will the others and they would take back two of the Magics bad contracts Jason Richardson, the one leaving in this deal, and Chris Duhon.

Now if any one thinks that the new deal is better than the Nets one please explain to me cause I am so insanly confused about this deal. This next part is just raw opinion. I think Hennigan caved pathetically he makes Otis Smith look good this may be his forst move and this may be a quick judgement but this is an ATROCIOUS deal for the Magic it will get them nowhere they have actully got more "Otis-like" deals. ROB HENNIGEN SHOULD BE FIRED ON THE SPOT. This deal is an insault to all current former and aspiring GMs.

If anyone thinks I am wrong comment but that is my raw opinion.

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