Why Tyshawn Taylor Is The Next Lou Williams.... who do you think Tyshawn Taylor Will Play Like

Tyshawn Taylor

College Stats

2008-2009 2009-2010 2010-2011 2011-2012

PPG. 9.7 PPG. 7.2 PPG. 9.2 PPG. 16.6 Career: 10.8

APG. 3.0 APG. 3.4 APG. 4.6 APG. 4.8 Career: 3.9

RPG. 2.2 RPG. 2.4 RPG. 1.9 RPG. 2.3 Career: 2.2

SPG. 1.1 SPG. 1.3 SPG. 1.0 SPG. 1.3 Career: 1.2

MPG. 26.5 MPG. 23.1 MPG. 27.1 MPG. 33.1 Career: 27.7

FG%. 50.6 FG%. 43.8 FG%. 47.9 FG%. 47.7 Career: 47.6

FT%. 72.4 FT. 71.6 FT%. 71.9 FG.% 68.8 Career: 70.7

NBA Summer League Stats

PPG. 15.5

APG 2.5

RPG 2.5

SPG 1.5

MPG. 29.8

FG%. 44.0

FT%. 70.0

Lou Williams

2006 D-League Stats

PPG. 26.0

APG 8.0

RPG. 4.7

2005-2006 2006-2007 2007-2008 2008-2009 2009-2010 2010-2011 2011-2012 stats

PPG. 1.9 PPG. 4.3 PPG. 11.5 PTS. 12.8 PTS. 14.0 PTS. 13.7 PTS. 14.9

APG. 0.3 APG.1.8 APG. 3.2 APG. 3.0 APG. 4.2 APG. 3.4 APG. 3.5

RPG. 0.6 RPG.1.2 RPG. 2.1 RPG. 2.0 RPG. 2.9 RPG. 2.0 RPG. 2.5

SPG. 0.2 SPG. 0.4 SPG. 1.0 SPG. 1.0 SPG. 1.3 SPG. 0.6 SPG. 0.8

MPG. 4.8 MPG. 11.3 MPG. 23.3 MPG. 23.7 MPG. 29.9 MPG. 23.3 MPG. 26.3

FG%. .442 FG%. 441 FG%. .424 FG%. .398 FG%. .470 FG%. .406 FG%. .407

FT%. .615 FT%. .696 FT%. .783 FT%. .790 FT%. .824 FT%. .407 FT%. .812


PTS. 11.3

APG. 3.0

RPG. 2.0

SPG. 0.8

MPG. 21.9

FG%. .421

FT%. .798

I know you can't predict a players career by there summer leauge stats, just ask D-Rose who played mediocre in the summer league then went on to win ROY in his 1st year, 1st All-Star appearance in his 2nd, and MVP in his 3rd year. Tyshawn Taylor and Lou Williams have a few things in common the were both picked in the 40's in the NBA Draft (Taylor 41st Pick Blazers (Traded to Nets For Cash), Williams 45th Pick Sixers) they are both score first guards, and they are proven to play there hardest and improve every year, just look at Lou Will's stats from when he first started playing not so good numbers for a guard but his first few years Allen Iverson was still there. IF A.I. wasn't there do you still think he could reach his potential?... probably not. But look at Tyshawn Taylor he gets to play behind Deron Williams the Best All around Guard in the league and even C.J. Watson a player who is great at handling the ball (Im going to stop there and let you soak that in). These two players also have one similar bad...........TURNOVERS... these two both average 4 TO's a game but Lou Will didn't have a pass first guard to watch. Tyshawn Taylor has to primarily pass first guards.I have one question for you who does Tyshawn Taylor remind you of?

Louis Williams, Monta Ellis, Michael Redd, Jamal Tinsley, Starbury (Lite Verson), C.J. Watson, Sam Cassel Carlos Arroyo, or somebody else (These are all name that come to mind.

.Im going to finish off by saying thank you for reading, this is my first NetsDaily article and im 15 years and really don't care about punctuation, school hasn't started yet in Jersey, but best believe when school starts my writing will be 100x's better i promise you.

Thank You, GOD BLESS

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