Breakdown of the 2012-2013 Nets, assuming we dont get Dwight Howard



Wallace/mabye Green(not sure of the situation on him)



Obviously we have to fill out the roster ive heard devin Ebanks come up as a cheap winger to back up Wallace.

At point, we have D Will top 3 PG in the NBA(Behind Paul and Rose assuming he comes back like he did befor the ACL tear) Dwill is a strong PG who as we have seen can take over a game offensivly purley by scoring. What we did not get to see as much of last year was his playmaking abillities that he has(we did see some when both he and Brook were healthy right after we got him). Behind him is taylor a rookie who has some growing up to do i think we will get a veteran for the vet minimum and push Taylor back to the 3rd guard but that remains to be seen. Taylor can be either a turnover machine or an electric guard so ill take him as a 3rd PG At two guard.

We have Joe Johnson who is a top 3 two guard(behind Kobe and Dwade). In Brooklyn Johnson will most likley be able to shed the nickname "iso Joe" because he wont be the only guy who can be a pure scorer like he was in Atlanta also the Nets offense should be much more free flowing than the Hawks Strickt Iso offense that earned Johnson that nickname. Behing Johnson we have Marshon Brooks. "Swag" is a straight up scorer. he is long he has a good shot he is athletic and hes young. His defense is not horrible but its not good either he is young and i think he will improve as he gets older. I think that his defense will be good not great but good or at the very worst not a liabillity in a year or two.

At the three, we have Gerald Wallace. "Crash" is a veteran guy who relies on his athleticism and heart. Crash is a GREAT perimeter defender which will help us against the Lebrons and the Grangers and the Pierces etc in the east. On offense he is barley above average shooting from the perimeter and is more of a slasher than anything he can get to the basket tho and he can finish. The other big hazard about his offensive game is he can hurt himself because he goes so hard to the basket. Overall Crash is a good veteran guy who will help MAJORLY on the defensive end. After that I am not sure what we will have at 3. I'm not sure who we will have at three Gerald Green may or may not be re-signed(he has been quoted saying he would give the Nets a discount for sticking with him and mabye even more of a discount now since they're actully good). If it is Green he is an athletic MONSTER who can jump out of the gym. I also saw from him last year that he has a decent jumper and the one game I got to see he went to a spin jumper 3 or 4 times in the game and made it(grant it it was against the Bobcats but hey its a jumper not a free dunk). His defense is average nothing bad nothing good has the athleticism to stay with guys but mabye not the strength. If you have been living under a rock for the past few months then here is an example of his ridicioulous athleticism . If we have Ebanks behind Crash well I really dont know much about him. He is a 6'9 "long, athletic defender"(espn indider rumors)who played his college ball at West Virginia and played with the Lakers last year.

At the power foward, we will have Mirza Teletovic. Obviously no one knows for sure what kind of numbers we will get from Teletovic but what we do know is how he played in Europe. The way he plays is your typical European stretch 4 except that he has matured his game so that he has developed somewhat of a post up game and the abillity to take guys off the drible, which will come in handy when people close out hard on him. Teletovic's stroke or what i have seen of it looks great he looks like a pure shooter. His defense is average nothing special and from what I have heard he does not seem to be extremly soft like many Euro bigmen but the biggest criticism of his game has been his lack of rebounding. He was only able to average around 6 boards a game while in a 6'9 250 body while some of that may have to do with him being on the perimeter being a shooting 4, guarding euro strech 4s to much, or for the fact that apparently it is harder to grab rebounds in the Euro league, for reasons unknown to me, that is something he has to make a big improvment on if he wants to keep starting at the 4. Behind Teletovic we have Reggie Evans. I absoulutly loved this trade because while Evans is an offensive liability where all he can do is lay it in the basket he is a great scrappy rebounder. Evans is a guy who makes use of his minutes by playing tough ball and grabbing as many boards as possible. While he was accused of flopping atleast once last year this guy has an edge about him tht bring nit and grit that the Nets otherwise just do not have. He gets great position for a guy who is just 6'8 and he makes the most out of that 245 pound body he has. He was a huge part of the LAC frontcourt in the Memphis series. In wins, the Clippers were plus 39 while he was on the court and Evans himself had 41 boards in the four wins.

At Center, we have Brook Lopez who when healthy is a top three offensive center in the league. Lopez was out almost all of last year with at first a broken LEFT foot and then soon after an astonishing performance against the Mavericks went off for 38 points(grant it only six boards but i'll get to that later) he then sprained his RIGHT ankle. I personally do not think it can be said enough that the injuries were on different feet/ankles. Lopez's strength is without a doubt his offense. He can make a 10-18 foot jumper he can post up and he loves to catch it with one hand above his head then shield the defender with his off hand and can make his way with all tht kength from eight or nine feet from the basket to an easy close up finish and it not be a foul because he does not push with his off arm. His weakness's are his defense and his rebounding. While he can block shots(he has 1.6 bpg for his career) he is considered a below average defender at his position and his hieght. His other big problem is his lack of rebounding. While I personally think his rebounding will go back up to the 8.4 rpb he had in his first two seasonsthe fact that in the 10-11 season he only averaged 5.9 rpg is troubling. While that is a problem what is overlooked is that those rebounds will come back with the absense of Kris Humphries and he had a calcium deposit in his arm that year bottom line is Lopez needs to get tougher on both the boards and defense. Hopefully the year of wieght training he has had the past year helps in that department. Backing Lopez up is Sheldon Williams. He is only 6'9 which will hurt him against the big centers in the league he overperformed last year and hopefully will do the same next year. Williams has great heart and that helps with his rebounding soecifically on the offensive boards. In only 22 mpg last year Shelden averaged 2.4 offensive boards a game those are great numbers for a 6'9 bigman wth only 22 mpg to his name.

The Nets have to fill out their roster hopefully with another 7 footer to compensate for a lack of size. The Nets will have a top offense next year their big holes are going to be rebounding and post defense. Hopefully Lopez will realize hes 7' and help there. My prediction for the season is 53-29 2nd in the East lose to the Heat in 7 in the Eastern Conference Finals.

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