Hello Brooklyn Big Men

First time I have written a fan post so criticism is more than welcomed.

Just been thinking of all the big men our Brooklyn Nets should be looking at since we have our back court pretty much set, except for Gerald Green who I would really like back!

Hopefully the Teletovic deal can be rethought to get him to sign the 3.1 Level exception for our cap benefit. If so these are the guys I would like to see man the PF and C spots this season and hopefully for at least 2-3 seasons.
I also believe all these are quite reachable and I have taken looks at the cap and all the holds and exceptions we have and I hope we can somehow make it all work.

PF- With Teletovic already signed I wouldn't ideally like him starting. He's our stretch 4 and can not play the 5 at all so we need a big bruiser to go with him.
PF - Reggie Evans is a brilliant pick up for us and he is the rebounder and attitude guy that we needed, if we couldn't have got him I would've like to go after someone with a bit more offensive game in K-Mart but at least we're working.

Starting PF - Hump he is realistically the guy we can get and afford obviously through bird rights, I also believe he can hold it down for 24-28 mins a game if we get him for the right price.

Starting C - Our boy Brook Lopez, he is the guy we can't get out bid for, we need him and hopefully a rockets, Dallas don't just spite and throw a max at him or things would get interesting.

Backup C - Camby. He wants a 2 - 3 year deal worth around 2 -3 mil a year. I believe if we throw the BAE at him of 1.96 roughly. He would take it. The pitch wouldn't have to take much because he is smart enough to see he will get minutes and a shot at at least playoffs.
3rd String would be Jeff Foote - low risk, high reward. Have seen some footage and looks to be worth a shot on our roster. Also adds size for different combinations if needed.

Combinations with these guys.
Start Lopez C, Hump PF Wallace SF - Traditional and Lopez and Hump work pretty well off each other as we have seen plus Wallace can do some dirty work to make up for Lopez if he is still struggling to rebound etc.

Evans Hump - Hump can knock down shots from elbow area around and spreads the floor enough for room to get inside if Evans is stuck within an arms length of the ring, plus the rebounding would be strong for us, post defence would be just above average with Evans toughness and footwork, out weighing the negativity of his height.

Camby Evans - Camby is a smart player can shoot from elbow area, very efficient strong rebounder, good passer kinda the same effect as hump on offense, and better on defense.

Camby Lopez - Camby can spread enough for brook to work, gets in the right spots when Brook will be double teamed if our outside shooters aren't working. Camby can guard the ring quite well and isn't to slow on D if having to guard some 4's for short periods of time, not ideal for long periods but is effective still.

Camby Hump - Can both work elbow area, strong rebounders, Camby guards the basket while Hump guards the 4's, not bad on the D end. Also works well with Wallace JJ Brooks and Williams with their ability to get into the lane at will.

That's not even factoring all the possible line ups with Foote and Teletovic. Especially when Teletovic can stretch the floor for Lopez and with Evans stuck in the key all day.
Makes defenses accountable with the double teaming of Lopez, plus we have strong penetrating from our guards into the lane to spot up some good taller shooters from different areas. Lopez, Hump Camby, Teletovic.

Looks like from what we have so far is a lot of players who can play at least two different spots for these combinations. I see it working more than not over this season and even more effective in years 2-3.

Just hope Avery can work enough players seemingly through without losing anything when he makes those changes during games. It is possible, hope he hasn't regressed as a coach the last couple of seasons and can finally up the BBIQ meter because we have a lot of smart players now.

Hopefully Billy goes after Camby, and re-signs Lopez and Hump to keep for now.
As much as I want Dwight, I think this team with the extra parts of Lopez Hump Brooks Green instead of Dwight looks more effective, deep, and intangible. Something that will throw a lot of teams off during the year and especially over a 7 game series with it being so hard to plan for.

Don't get me wrong I will not complain if we get D12 just like all the other things those players can bring to the table for now.

Well done to Brooklyn Nets from office so far and it's always fun being a fan of this franchise! Would never change.

I survived Marbury
I survived the K mart Kidd connection
I survived the finals losses
I survived the Kidd Carter Jefferson run
I survived the Kidd Trade
I survived 12-70
I survived the Wall lottery
I survived the summer of LeBron
I survived the Melodrama
I survived the Dwightmare

We deserve this run!


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