Brooklyn Home Opener vs NY Knicks

I know for the most part majority of the fans on this site are fans before the "Brooklyn" title. For years, and years, we've hated the outcomes on "home" games when it was the NJ Nets vs NY Knicks. Knick fans would come down in droves for cheaper ticket pricing and to boo the Nets on our home court. We've taken this insult on our chin for years. It was expected, whether the excuse was the IZOD arena being in the middle of nowhere or the Prudential Center not having NJ Nets fans support because of a bad product who refuse to pay one of the lowest and cheapest arena prices in the NBA. Others have argued that MSG prices are so high that it made sense for Knick fans to come to our home arena to see/cheer their Knicks. One could even argue and say last year especially after the Linsanity where all the "Asian" fans came out of the woodwork. This....cannot continue.

November 1st, The new Brooklyn Nets first Home Opener, our first Franchise Opener and the only (and ever) Brooklyn Nets 1st game shown on national TNT TV will be played. I expect a ferocious showing by Knick fans to be in attendance if Twitter, RealGm, and general internet blogs are correct. Realize that all these articles by Nets players or FO or GM or sports beat writers talking about taking over New York or being better than the Knicks has absolutely banded together all NY Knick fans hate for the Nets. They plan on not only beating us by "20 points" in that game but also booing our starting players and showing up Net fans in our home arena while being played on national TV. This.....cannot be.

Whether you're a new fan, from Brooklyn to Russia to Europe or even in Asia (not sure if we have any) and/OR you've been a NEW JERSEY NETS fan since forever....I implore you all. Get everyone you know that is a Nets fan, hell even if they aren't a true "Nets" fan to come to the home opener and support. If you're a working professional...take off. I normally wouldn't ask that of anyone who is a working professional as this is only sports...but just as a championship may only happen once to a franchise, the same goes for a franchise opener, 1st franchise home game, 1st franchise home game shown on national TV and against (at least what we consider) our most hated rivals the NY Knicks.

I'm possibly even suggesting contacting the Brooklyn Nets organization and letting them know what we're trying to do to see if they are wiling to help as I know they don't want Knick fans booing the Brooklyn Nets in our own BRAND new billion dollar arena.

There will be two battles that night, November 1st, 2012. The first will be on the courts which will be vicious if any of the players (from both teams) comments have anything to do with it, and the second will be in the stands, with the fans battling rival fans.

We can be passive fans for the rest of our lives, the rest of the season, the rest of the next 10 seasons, hell the Barclay's arena could be destroyed by a natural disaster and the BK Nets could be sold and removed from the NBA as a team entirely. If you are a fan, a TRUE fan of the past NEW JERSEY NETS and the future BROOKLYN Nets...come out and support. Use facebook, Twitter, smoke fire signals whatever, get the word out.

There are a few times when what Fans think or what Fans do really matter to a sports ANY sport.

And this is one of them.


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