This is the last straw. I can't take it anymore. Billy King needs to be fired, right now.

He has just VOLUNTARILY taken on one of the WORST CONTRACTS IN THE LEAGUE. And if that's not good enough, HE GAVE AWAY A PICK TO DO IT. I know it's not a valuable pick, but Atlanta should be giving us every pick and young asset to take on that disgrace of a contract.

Joe's contract was bad when it was signed and it's even worse now. Just think about this. We are going to be paying Joe Johnson 25 MILLION WHEN HE'S 35 YEARS OLD!!!!

Don't get me wrong, I think Joe's a good player. He's a good scorer. But worth tying up every last bit of flexibility we have? NO. We have no room for growth, we're never going to have superstars, we're never going to win a championship. Billy King has just sealed that for us.

And the last, and worst part, is that this trade is not even contingent on Deron resigning. Billy doesn't have his blessing to make this trade. So if Deron is smart, he'll see this absurd trade and bolt!! We have no chance of winning a championship with 20+ mill tied up in Joe Johnson. If Deron had given his blessing, I could somewhat understand. But I can't. I just can't. I can't do it anymore, Billy King.

And finally, Dwight Howard has finally come out and said he wants Brooklyn and Brooklyn only. And what do we do? We trade for Joe Johnson instead, crushing any chance of getting Dwight and crushing any chance of winning a championship in the next five years.

First he gives away a lottery pick for 12 games of Gerald Wallace and a higher chance of getting to overpay him, and now he takes on the abomination that is Joe Johnson's contract.

If you need more proof about just how awful this trade is, check out the SB Nation Hawks Blog. They're PARTYING over there. They can't believe how stupid the Nets are for making this trade. And frankly, neither can I.

I've been through 12-70. I've been through the Melodrama. I've been through the Dwightmare.

But I'm beginning to question if my ride as a Nets fan is over.

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