My Trip to Barclays Center (with pics!!!). Wed Jul 18

I've been wanting to take a test run and see what my commute would be like to the Barclays center.
In case anyone is from northern NJ, here are the details to my commute:
I drive over the GWB from Teaneck and park my car in Washington Heights only because I work there
and have employee parking. I then take the A train to west 4th and transfer to either the B or D to
Atlantic Ave in Bklyn. Total door to door was a little over an hour. All in all it wasn't too bad.

My overall impression of the area was nothing short of a culture shock after many years of going to the Meadowlands. Whilst Izod Center was literally in the middle of nowhere, Barclays is surrounded by many shoppes and such.
Although I suppose one can argue that the Rock was in the midst of activity.

Anyhow,I arrived at the arena much earlier than I wanted which was around 2pm. I really wanted to start taking pictures later in the afternoon as the sun was waning so that my pics weren't too saturated by the sun's
unforgiving rays. But I was able to kill time at the Atlantic center right across the street which is more or less a
3-story shopping mall with a starbux, best buy, Target and the like. Not the mention the Modell's across the street which had an ENORMOUS section of Nets Gear! Needless to say, this was unlike anything we could have experienced in East Rutherford.

And so now I leave to you, my dear friends of Netsdaily, pictures of the Barclays Center as of today.
Wednesday Jul 18 2012. I hope you all enjoy.


IMG_7269 (via captain pope)

IMG_7270 (via captain pope)


IMG_7280-2 (via captain pope)

IMG_7283 (via captain pope)

IMG_7290 (via captain pope)

IMG_7301 (via captain pope)

IMG_7309 (via captain pope)

IMG_7303 (via captain pope)

IMG_7310 (via captain pope)

IMG_7314 (via captain pope) Net Income!!!


IMG_7321 (via captain pope)

IMG_7319 (via captain pope)

IMG_7325 (via captain pope)

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