Comprehensive list of questions and opinions summarizing this offseason and the future of the Nets

Hey Nets fans,

After reading Netsdaily post and fanpost feverishly for the past two weeks, I am going to write a comprehensive list of questions and opinions summarizing this offseason and the future of the Nets including what everyone else has said in other multiple fanpost. Let me know what you think.

About the whole Dwightmare saga, I personally split half and half. I really wanted Dwight and I really really do not like Hennigan at all. I think he is stupid to not accept Nets offer/offers especially the last offer before suspending talks. But Lopez is still pretty good, and I hope he uses all this talk/trade rumors as motivation to be a 20pts/10 rebounder or more and an all star. We need Brook Lopez to be in the conversation as being the "big three" with Lopez dwill and jj as hopefully a Defensive POY for the money and trust Nets are putting in him.

But still it hurts that after all this time Nets are not getting Dwight Howard.

But now that this Dwightmare is basically over, there are many questions I have about the remaining summer. Let me know what you think. Some questions may have been asked in other posts so bear with me.

1. Do you see any chance of Nets getting him during the Trade deadline on Dec. 15? Or after his 1 year rental contract with another team is finished? Where do you think Dwight will go to? Can we still obtain him 2-3 years down the road? And if not can we get another big superstar to great the big three if Lopez doesn’t perform well?

2. Now with the players expected to sign/signed the Nets have a very offensive skilled team. Dwill, JJ, Teletovic (which I hope is the next dirk) and Lopez are all really good offensively. However the Nets need to improve in defense and rebounding. Brook Lopez is not considered a rebounder and a defensive minded player. Maybe Reggie Evans is good, but I'm not sure about him. We need a Kevin Love type player. We need someone in the Nets team to be in the conversation of Defensive POY that we are missing because he won’t have Dwight Howard. Could that be Humphries if we keep him?

Like I mentioned above, I hope all this trade chatter that he had to deal with will give him motivation to become an all star and a beast of a center not just for his offense, but for his defense...especially with the money Nets are paying him.

3. It is good that the Nets want to resign Humphries. He averaged a double double last season and I think he was being undervalued during this whole 14 player trade deal and I think the whole league is undervaluing him. I wished Cleveland offered him more than one year, but oh well. If we sign him, then it’s good because he rebounds well, and plays hard nose defense and does the dirty work. I don't care about his personal life with him and Kim Kardashian, so all the talk about not having him because of that is not important. I hope he doesn't get signed and traded. But it looks like in recent reports he will be signed back.

Moreover, I think keeping Humphries and bringing in FA Kenyon Martin will be much better option than doing an S&T for Jamison. Antawn Jamison is more offensive player and we already have that. I recently read an article that Bulls need to decide between Omer Asik (who?) who matched a $25 million dollar deal with the Rockets and Taj Gibson. If the Bulls are stupid enough to keep Omer Asik Nets should jump in for and S&T with him someway somehow.

4. Now that the Nets have to fill their roster, do you think we can get good veterans players to play with vets minimum money? Does Brooklyn Nets have that appeal like the Miami Heat that veteran players will play for the nets for less for a chance of a title?

What are good veteran players Nets can get for Vets minimum money? I am thinking Derek fisher or Kenyon martin. Again I stress, we need defensive/ rebound happy minded veteran players or defensive minded players. We need backup PG, PF and C. Looking at the different fanpost about FA Options here are my favorites:

PG: Nate Robinson, Earl Boykins, Mike Bibby, and Derek Fisher.

SF: Mickael Pietrus (He is really good on defense and three point shooting),

PF: Jared Jeffries (Mr. Intangible), Kenyon Martin (most likely/ I really want him), Chris Wilcox (reach)

C: Robin Lopez, Nasr Mohammed, Taj Gibson, Joel Przybilla, Brendon Haywood, Bismarck Biyombo might be a good project to help become defensive monster.

What do you think is possible for Nets and what is not possible?

From the D league I believe Tornike Shengelia will be on the team as a backup SF/PF, and obviously Brooks and Tyshawn Taylor and then maybe Al Thornton.

Anyways, I wonder how analysts will grade our offseason and what predictions they make about the upcoming season. Even without a Dwight Howard, I think Nets had a pretty darn good offseason. I think they will be a playoff team and I think Nets will be a 4th or 5th seed... 3rd if they play spectacularly well. I can't wait to see the Nets play in Brooklyn!

Go Nets!

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