Summer League 2012 Observations

After watching all 4 games thus far I'm posting my observations, and hoping that others who have watched the games chime in as well. Here is my assessment of some of the Net players, in order of who should or will be on the roster opening night:

MarShon Brooks - Had a horrible first game, but did better in the 2nd and 3rd games. I didn't see much development from last season though and that's concerning. He still tends to hold the ball way too long and then takes awkward shots. He's great when he's hitting his shots. But he's frustrating to watch when his shots don't fall. His body language is terrible when things are going wrong on the court and his defense hasn't improved from what I've seen. He's got NBA talent though and he'll be a decent contributor off the bench. Fortunately, there are now lots of veterans on the team that can set him straight.

Ty Taylor - Has been probably the most pleasant surprise (other than Toko). He's a great ball-handler, good passer and his teardrop is really advanced. His defense is solid, but not spectacular. One critique is that opposing pgs have had good games against him this summer league. I'm not sure if I trust him as the Deron's immediate backup though. He needs to develop as a vocal on-court leader and that might take some time for him to build up that confidence. But all in all, he was a steal in the draft. He's already waaaaay better than Armon Johnson and LeBron Gaines.

Toko - Wow! If he doesn't make the roster, I'd be shocked. He showed the most complete game of anyone on the squad. He's a gifted passer and his handle is sick! I was really really impressed with his game. That's not to say that he has a ways to go still. But I now see why Avery was raving about this kid. And he's only 20? Wow! With a little NBA seasoning and learning from our real starting unit. Wow! His self comparison to a taller Manu was spot on. Once he develops a dependable jumper. Wow!! I don't see other SFs being able to handle his frame in the post and I don't see PFs being able to stay in front of him once he hits that cross-over. Wow - just Wow!!

Al Thornton - Sigh. I thought about this and finally think I can sum up my thoughts on Al. He's a talented (volume) scorer. A black-hole on offense. Low BBIQ. Is the guy you don't want to select for a pick up game in the park (if you want to touch the ball). Is very good at drawing contact and getting to the free throw line. Is a shoddy defender. In other words, he's everything you were expecting. And sadly enough, that's probably sufficient for him to get a camp invite, and possibly sufficient for him to land a roster spot.

Adam Morrison - I laugh every time I see poor Adam. Don't get me wrong, I like him and root for his success. But c'mon. He's not an NBA talent. His defense is atrocious (although he tries). His offense is alright against D-Leaguers and summer leaguers. But he'll have little success against regular NBA talent. I don't expect him to get a camp invite. I think the extra SF slot goes to Thornton.

Dunston - He should get a camp invite. He's a bruiser in the body of a slightly undersized PF. At 6'8" he really knows how to mix it up and his hyper aggressive. He's definitely a poor man's Milsap. His game consists primarily of knocking people aside and grabbing boards and scoring in the paint. His go-to move is a nasty scowl when the refs don't give him a call. The announcers described him perfectly as a lunch pail guy. Dunston is the guy you want to hang out with at the club in the event some moiso breaks out, cause he'll straight up crack some skulls. Seeing him go against Reggie Evans in training camp will be like watching a great UFC match. Yes to Dunston, despite his limitations.

Jeff Foote - Dear Lord. If you were to bless me with sudden growth and make me a 7 footer, I promise I would not as stiff as Jeff Foote. Amen. Maybe he makes training camp because Avery needs another warm 7 foot body for Brook to build up his confidence against. Maybe Chair just gets signed to a vet's minimum contract instead of Foote. He's terrible. Please forgive me for saying this. But I'd rather have Petro back.

Steven Dennis - He has demonstrated good PG talents. He's a willing passer and good slasher. He deserves a training camp invite and then a stint with Springfield.

Carlton Scott - Same as Dennis. He's a good spot up shooter and deserves a stint in Springfield.

Sutlze - I probably misspelled his name. Rightfully so. He's the other 7 footer on the roster and he makes Foote look athletic. He's a good pick up for your CYO league. Maybe.

Ubilles - Hasn't gotten any playing time to speak of. Has done nothing to distinguish himself.

Popeye Jones - Fire Popeye!!! Should of turned over coaching to Stackhouse. Did I miss anyone else? What do you guys think?

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