FA Options For The Nets Bench

At this point, we have a ton of money invested in our core of Lopez, Wallace, Johnson, and Williams, and need to find low-cost players to fill out a solid roster. Here are some possibilities. This is my first FanPost anywhere on SB Nation, so I'm unfamiliar with the format, and there's probably a few mistakes. There may be mistakes regarding the players and their current contract situations.

I'm also going to give credit where credit is due, so here are some links to URLs that helped me with this.

- A NetsDaily FanPost by J-Kay

- An article from ESPN Dallas

- An ESPN article

- As well as various posts & comments on NetsDaily

Aaron Brooks, PG

Baron Davis, PG

Gilbert Arenas, PG/SG

Delonte West, SG/PG

Tracy McGrady, SG/PG/SF

Marquis Daniels. SG/SF

Courtney Lee, SG/SF

Keith Bogans, SG/SF

Mickael Pietrus, SF/SG

Terrence Williams, SF/SG

Damion James, SF

Grant Hill, SF

Al Thornton, SF

Antawn Jamison, PF/SF

Kenyon Martin, PF

Carl Landry, PF

Kris Humphries, PF (Nets own Bird Rights, I think)

Luis Scola, PF (amnestied)

Ivan Johnson, PF

Elton Brand, PF/C

Lou Amundson, PF/C

Jordan Hill, C/PF

Shelden Williams, C/PF

Ben Wallace, C/PF

Brendan Haywood, C (amnestied)

Ronny Turiaf, C

Daniel Orton, C

Robin Lopez, C

JaVale McGee, C (is a restricted free agent for Denver, and a pipe dream)

Jeff Foote, C

Greg Stiemsma, C

Would any of these players be a good fit for the Brooklyn Nets? Personally, I'm interested in Arenas, Humphries, Scola, Hill, Martin, Landry, McGrady, Bogans, Courtney Lee, Shelden Williams, and Terrence Williams. I'd love to have McGee, but he'll likely re-sign with Denver, and would also cost us too much money. Anyways, do you guys like any of these players? If so, who? Any other FAs I missed?

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