A Five-Team Trade....

An epic accomplishment....a five-team trade that lands Dwight Howard in a Brooklyn Nets uniform. Here's how the deal breaks down....

Brooklyn Nets receive: C Dwight Howard, SG Jason Richardson, C Darko Milicic

Portland Trail Blazers receive: C Brook Lopez (sign-and-trade), G/F Andre Iguodala

Minnesota Timberwolves receive: SF Nicolas Batum (sign-and-trade), PG Armon Johnson (sign-and-trade)

Philadelphia Sixers receive: PF Kris Humphries (sign-and-trade), SF Hedo Turkaglu, SG MarShon Brooks, rights to F/C Fran Vazquez

Orlando Magic receive: F Derrick Williams, rights to C Leonard Meyers, rights to PF Ilkan Karaman, F/C Sheldon Williams (sign-and-trade), PG Sundiata Gaines (sign-and-trade), 2013 1st Round Pick (from POR), 2013 1st Round Pick (from BKL), 2015 1st Round Pick (from BKL), 2017 1st Round Pick (from BKL)


In free agency, the Brooklyn Nets sign...

PF Mirza Teletovic: mini-MLE contract (3 years)

C Nazr Mohammed: veterans minimum (1 year)

PF Kenyon Martin: veterans minimum (1 year)

G/F CJ Miles: veterans minimum (1 year)

SF Al Thornton: veterans minimum (1 year)

G Gilbert Arenas: veterans minimum (1 year)


The Orlando Magic also trade G/F Quentin Richardson to the Brooklyn Nets for a future protected 2nd Round Pick; Richardson would slot in for the Nets' larger of the two TPE. After the jump I'll try to rationalize my reasoning for this trade....

  • Orlando Magic: Here the team is able to move just about every bad contract on its books and start the rebuilding from the ground up. Moving Howard sucks, but this deal would land them several different pieces to use; Derrick Williams may be undersized at the power forward spot, but he can score and is still on his rookie contract. Leonard Meyers is a good pair for Williams, and having a young center with potential on a rookie contract seems to be what Orlando's management wants (instead of Brook Lopez or Andrew Bynum committed a max-salary). While the team does take back a few sign-and-trade's like Gaines and Williams, the end-game for the Magic come in the form of four (4) future 1st Round Picks.
  • Philadelphia Sixers: While on the outside this looks like a bad deal for the team, the Sixers can set themselves up for major cap room in the 2014-15 season while keeping themselves as a contender in the process. With Evan Turner ready to break into the starting lineup, the team needs to open up a spot for him; and with Elton Brand likely amnestied, the team has an opening at power forward. So they get Kris Humphries for two guaranteed years and Hedo Turkaglu for another two seasons (assuming he picks up his $12 million player option for 2013-14 season): where's the upside you ask? Enter MarShon Brooks and Fran Vazquez. Brooks has a role built-in for him with the loss of Lou Williams, and should Vazquez decide to come over now (being that I think he just hated Orlando or never liked Mickey Mouse) he would be a nice big man to add to their young front court of Spencer Hawes and Nikola Vucevic. Without moving any draft picks as well, this is a pretty nice haul for Andre Iguodala.
  • Minnesota Timberwolves: As much as the team wants to just sign Batum outright, the growing sentiment is that Portland will match no matter how much Batum and his agent say Portland is not where he wants to be. So then the question is posed: would they trade Derrick Williams, a player miscast as a small forward with Kevin Love entrenched at power forward, and a contract filler like Darko Milicic for Nicolas Batum? I would think it would be a yes, as small forward is really the weak spot on their roster. A starting lineup of Rubio -- Brandon Roy -- Batum -- Love -- Pekovic ain't that bad, and with a few more moves could put them in position to potentially make the playoffs.
  • Portland Trail Blazers: Here is a team with a lot of cap room, some holes to fill on its roster, and looking to make a splash in the process. They swung and missed on Roy Hibbert, want to match Batum's deal but fear he'll be unhappy throughout it, and have a need for a big man. But do you think that they would turn down a deal of Brook Lopez and Andre Iguodala coming to Portland for what comes out to be Nicolas Batum (turned into Derrick Williams), rights to Leonard Meyers, and a 2013 1st Round Pick? It would eat up their cap room, but this deal allows them to trot out a very nice offensive front court tandem of LaMarcus Aldridge and Brook Lopez as well as a defensive stopper in Iguodala. It allows the team to let go of Nicolas Batum without really regretting it as much without compensation, and improves the team.
  • Brooklyn Nets: Okay, the end-game here is that Dwight Howard is a Net. Now that is taken out of the way...the Nets move more than half their roster/cap-holds, the drama that has become Kris Humphries and his contract-worth, and a young center in Brook Lopez. As much as it saddens me to see Lopez go, this is the deal worth making that move. Our "Big Three" now would consist of Deron Williams, Dwight Howard, and Joe Johnson; and adding Gerald Wallace and Mirza Teletovic makes this kind of insane. Plus Jason Richardson and Darko Milicic can help stabilize the bench. Yes I realized that I put "Darko Milicic" and "stabilize" in the same sentence, but he had some decent seasons backing up Howard in Orlando...who's to say he couldn't do it again? This leaves the roster needing additions, of course, but it's a destination now. And it better be, because there won't be many chances to draft replacements in the future.


Brooklyn Nets 2012-13 Roster

PG: Deron Williams, Gilbert Arenas, Tyshawn Taylor

SG: Joe Johnson, Jason Richardson, Quentin Richardson

SF: Gerald Wallace, CJ Miles, Al Thornton

PF: Mirza Teletovic, Kenyon Martin, Reggie Evans

C: Dwight Howard, Nazr Mohammed, Darko Milicic



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