My Offseason plan which would make us an instant contender

hey guys so i had an idea while playing ball before that i think would bring us to elite level now this involves two trades and a lot of exceptions

the salary cap for the 2012-2013 season should be 60,000,000 and max contracts i will list as 18.5 million

Step 1: Have Wallace opt out of his contract so we cannot extend him and do not have any rights to him. (he will be back just wait)

Step 2: S&T Hump(3/24) and Lopez(4/40) + 1st round Houston pick and 2015 1st rounder + Petro(3/1) + our 57th pick to Orlando for Dwight(who is at 18.1 for next season) and Quentin Richardson (next season is at 2.4) -------- this makes sense for Orlando to take Petro as an expiring and we take back q-rich and his contract, and Orlando gets a valuable trade chip in hump.

Cap total without any existing Nets Players would be 20.5

Step 3: Resign D-Will to his max (18.5)

Cap total without any existing Nets Players would be 38.5

Step 4: Trade q-rich to a contender or team with cap space for a second round pick or small cash to get rid of him

Step 5: Trade Anthony Morrow(4 mil) + Jordan Farmar(4 mil) + Brooks(1 mil) + 2013 first round pick to the

MemphisGrizzles for Rudy Gay (16.5) next season------ Memphis does this because they get a young guard on a rookie contract + a 3 pt shooter who is expiring along with a backup point guard they need who is also expiring and a first rounder and shed 7.5 off of cap space for next season to avoid luxury tax

Cap total including every player on the roster would be 53 (due to tens of thousands from gay's contract and brooks and jordan williams contract)

Step 6: Get Gerald Wallace to resign at 7 mil a season this season but backload it so he gets raises and stays with us

cap total would now be 60 mil exact

our team is obviously not finished and is not even close to 12 men yet

Draft :

Use up our 3 mil to buy a decent first round pick (24-26)

Assuming Cleveland will take it at 24 so we could draft Marquis Teague as young talent to be trained by our guards

FA Market :

Gerald Green 3 mil - of the 5.76 mid-level

Kenyon Martin 2.76 - to finish the mid-level(played for 2.4 this season with clips)

Jason Kidd - bi-annual (dont know the salary but many think he will take it to backup D-Will and can mentor teague)

Ronny Turiaf - Low level exception to backup dwight

Al Thornton - Vets minimum

Bojan signs with us (dosent count against salary cap because he was a draft pick)

The Roster would look a little like this:


Rudy Gay(long 2)/bogs/green




let me know what you think because i feel like this is an easy top 3 seed in the east

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