i have a potential trade

Memphis gets Wallace, Morrow, and 57th pick

Orlando gets Gay, Lopez, Josh Selby(for cap restrictions purpose), and houston pick from BKN
Brooklyn gets Dwight and Richardson

Why this would work:

Memphis gets a great leader, a great defender and a versatile player and Wallace is an older, more experienced, and cheaper Rudy Gay and Morrow because this team lacks a back up SG, specially if they cant bring back OJ Mayo.

For this trade to be done, Nelson must opt out of his contract, which he said he will do. IF that happens, then this trade, i feel, would benefit Orlando greatly. Orlando would get great scorers and young talent in Gay and Lopez and possibly a mid first round pick.

For us, Nets, we get Dwight. I just added Richardson because for the cap restrictions of 58million, Orlando would be up 5million if my math is correct and Richardson gets paid that. Plus with the departure of Morrow, we can add Richardson and DWill will be happy cuz we would have Dwight, and veteran players like Richardson.

Here is where it gets a little tricky and my assumptions:

I hope we trade Farmar and Petro, 2 seperate deals, on draft night and acquire young talent and use the cap space saved to get AK47, Mirza, Ersan, and Kidd. (Yes I know that most of you want Farmar over Kidd, but it would be a nice sentiment for us Nets fan to start a new era of Nets with Kidd retiring here and it will almost be like passing the torch to DWill lol.

With this current roster, assuming Farmar and Petro are traded at draft night and the trade happening. We would have DWill/D12/Richardson/Brooks/JWill using 43 Million leaving us with 15 million in cap space and we sign Green for 5m, we have 10 million, which is plenty of money for FA. Ersan for 9M, average of 8m and 10m i read this morning. Kidd takes an Bi-annual exception and AK47 for MLE. But if this trade does go thru, i would go after KG for about 5m. Then Kidd takes 2M, Mirza takes 3m and AK47 take the not forget that we have 2 draft picks as well

Line up:






2 draft picks, King would know who to draft, but this is a legit team now

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