Trading Dwill, dumping Hump, and other FA thoughts

I think you've got to call Billy King successful for 2 reasons:

  1. The team has improved each year he's been here (slowly...)
  2. The team has tons of flexibility this off-season for Billy to rebuild as he sees fit. This is really a make or break year for him.

There's so much flexibility this off-season that the team could look totally different: it's heaven for armchair GMs. Here are 3 things I think I think:

  1. We could get the most value out of dwill by signing and trading him
  2. We should replace Hump and Brook Lopez
  3. We need to get rid of Morrow and Petro

Details after the jump.

Signing and trading dwill

I don't know shit about how signing and trading works. All I know is:

  1. The nets can give dwill the most money (according to posters around here)
  2. Dwill has not played to his peak level as a net - his load is too high (usage up, shooting down)
  3. There's a ton of PG talent in FA, not much at SG and SF

Given that it seems like signing and trading is better for everyone: dwill gets his money and hopefully a better situation for him (less load). The nets have an opportunity to use him in a trade, ideally to get a top SG or SF. I think NY (Melo), Indy (Granger+?), Philly (Iggy+?), or Denver (Lawson+Gallo) make some sense. I think Gay is too big a contract. We would have to sign a PG in FA (Nash, Lin, Billups, Jameer, Dragic, or combo G Lou Williams) or get one in the trade.

Dumping Hump and Lopez

Hump and Lopez are 2 of the Nets' best players from their latest roster. I still think we dump them because:

  1. Hump and Lopez will (probably) be expensive, but they're not elite
  2. In FA there is better talent and cheaper talent

For PF I'm thinking KG, Ily, Novak, Bass, Carl Landry. For C I'm thinking KG (he plays both!), Stiemsma, Hawes, Turiaf, Mahinmi. All of those guys would be better, cheaper, or both.

I think this is a great year to rebuild our front court. My dream pairing, Ily+KG, would be one of the best in the NBA. But even if we can't get those guys, I still think there's talent out there. The talent pools aren't as good at 2 and 3 which is why I expect we'll try to re-sign Farmar (for combo guard, 2ish spot) and Wallace. That and King has said so RE: Wallace.

Morrow and Petro

This doesn't really need saying, but these guys hold our team back:

  1. Their talent suggests 2nd-3rd team
  2. They're being paid 1.5 team money
  3. They only have 1 year contracts now ($7.5M together)

If we want to make the most impact this season (sign the most FAs, get multiple stars), ideally we lose the 7.5M tied up in them. Because they only have 1 year contracts that could make them attractive in a trade. Worst case scenario we just live with them on the roster for another year.


To repeat the bottom line: we should sign and trade dwill, replace our front court, and hopefully dump Morrow and Petro.

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