The best team the Nets can field in Brooklyn has ____ as starting PF

The answer to the subject above is that the best Nets team starting PF would be Teletovic. Now before everyone starts hammering me at least hear me out. I don't think that Teletovic is just that skilled. The guy hasn't even played a second versus the elite NBA talent. But if he's our starting power forward it means we have made a significant jump in some other position.

Right now the Nets are looking at bringing in Ilyasova as the starting power forward. After averaging career highs with 13 ppg and 9 boards. These are good numbers for a power forward but we will have to overpay for him no doubt. Highest estimates for his salary are around 14mill and the lowest around 10mill. That seems a bit much to me especially since those aren't great numbers. 20 power forwards averaged more ppg. That is below average but we won't be paying him below average money. Erysans rebounding is good for 10 but that doesn't provide enough compensation. Instead of paying for an average power forward that's had 1 breakout year lets move attention to other players.

1. Everyone's first choice is Howard, who is mine as well. I don't think we have enough to get him before the season starts but I would like to be wrong on this front. Howard is an absolute monster on the court. And while we haven't seen him post back surgery I think he would still be pretty dominant. Teletovic however bad he may be would still look ok with Howard because of his shooting ability. Howard would also mask any deficiencies Teletovic may have rebounding wise. Howard is a franchise changer and would get a max contract along with Dwill. Instead of overpaying for an average player like Ilyasova we could insert Teletovic and either pay another star like the heat or work on filling out our roster with good players who all can contribute. I would propose the latter but I like both proposals than paying Ilyasova. Instead the Nets could use the saved money to sign this team



Beasley/Gerald Green* 3mill



I know people are tired of Mayo but I like the kid a lot more than Erysan. This team using their cap from last year(excluding GG) would be at around 65 million which isn't too far above the cap. Also saving the money from signing Erysan allows us to get Beasley who is a flat out scorer. Even though our PF is the weak link, Teletovic wouldn't be asked to do much besides space the floor and get 5 or 6 boards a game.

My second choice would for the Nets to go out and offer Eric Gordon a near max contract. Even though Gordon may not be a near max caliber guy lets face it the market is in his hands. The Hornets will pay to keep him so the Nets will have to overpay. I would rather throw money at Gordon than Ilyasova. Gordon hasn't averaged less than 16 a season and has been above 20 the past two. He's an excellent shooter who hasn't shot under 45% fg since he's been in the league while shooting 36% from deep. He doesn't give you much on rebounds or assist but he averages a steal a game and only 2 turnovers. He is an great player and I think he would easily convince Deron to resign. With Lopez, Deron, Gordon, and Wallace we would be a contender in the East no doubt. Teletovic would be a great fit with these guys. Like Erysan he is a stretch 4 so that will open the lane up for all these guys. The most pressing need for this team would be controlling the glass but that would be a concern with Erysan who has only averaged more than 6 boards this year. Eric Hordon is no doubt a far better player than Erysan and I think if we can get him on the team we must. Gordon would also probably convince Deron that he should resign and I'm not so sure Erysan will.

My third choice would be a trade with Memphis for Rudy Gay and OJ Mayo for Gerald Wallace/Ammo/ Cap filler. The money we would use for Ilyasova would go towards Gay and Mayo's cap hit. Both of these players are better than Erysan. Mayo was 6 man of the year candidate and averaged 17 and 18 ppg before he moved to the bench. Gay is a borderline all star who can create his own shot. Gay would also go a long way in convincing Deron to stay. Teletovic would have all the benefits of the previous scenario because scoring would be pretty much taken care of between Deron/Mayo/Gay/Brook. Gay would also provide help on the boards as he averaged 6.4 last year. Teletovic would just have the job of floor spacer essentially and to get garbage buckets. This teams salary is around 68 mill but I think it would still work although I'm not sure.

My point is I think Teletovic can be a serviceable big man. The Heat and Thunder proved that you can win starting a sorry player(Thabo/Joel Anthony). I would rather have another bonafide star than to pay a glorified role player on an average team. Gordon or Gay would be much better to me than overpaying Ilyasova. Teletovic also isn't a scrub either he did lead the second best league in the world in scoring. He reminds me of Ilyasova but we would be paying him about 10 mill less. My point is the best team the Nets can field has Teletovic because he's cheap. It allows us to upgrade other positions instead of just getting Erysan. Don't get me wrong if Erysan comes here I think he will play well I just don't think he will make the impact of Gordon or Gay. Those guys have a history of success in the league and are on the fringe of stardom. If starting Teletovic gives us a chance at getting one of these guys than I say we do it.

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