Should Nets Try to Trade for DeMarcus Cousins?

I've been speculating about nets possible roster additions on fanposts before, and people that frequent NetsDaily are probably familiar with my outlandish ideas, such as trying to sign Lou Williams (which I still think is worth a shot.) The most pressing need behind bench depth is the starting power forward. Now Kris Humphries is a fine player, but probably not a starter on a team serious about impressing their star player. The humph is 27 years old, which is still young, but he also has a good bit of NBA experience under his belt.

A team looking to add some experience/leadership is the Sacramento Kings, who seem to have no true direction as to what they want to do with their team. They might be willing to part with Cousins (who has had his fair share of trouble with the team) and the luggage that comes with him.The Nets would have to sign and trade humph for this to happen. But, the Kings aren't idiots, they wouldn't trade humph and cousins straight up. They would likely need a throw-in (like jordan williams), cash and maybe a second round draft pick.

Cousins would immediately help the Nets front line by adding some size and toughness beside Lopez, the Humphries just couldn't. (Humphries is 6'9 as opposed to Cousins' 6'11). He would also add youth to this team that needed a fresh face. he would also fit in to the Nets' plans rather seamlessly because of his physical style of play. He can be the banger down low, which allows Lopez to spread the floor a bit. Heck, they could even swap positions. He is also on a 3 year deal worth about 4mil a year. This allows the Nets to build some of that much needed depth.

He would also fit right into Brooklyn as a city. His swagger and his tough guy mentality would be appreciated by fans. Though his attitude may be a bit too much for his own good, veteran leadership like Deron Williams and Gerald Wallace (unavailable in Sacramento) can guide him in the right direction. Also, he will most likely be happy anyway considering he has a top point guard in the league feeding him the ball down low and giving him open looks. He would be our power forward of the future.

Nets Starting 5:

PG: Deron Williams

SG: Marshon Brooks

SF: Gerald Wallace

PF: Demarcus Cousins

C: Brook Lopez

Tell me what you think in the comments.

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