How to Build a Championship Team

We're heading into year 3 of Proky's proclamation, that the Nets would win a championship within 5 years. Instead of enjoying a roster with Dwight Howard and Deron Williams, we're all collectively clenching our jaws in the hopes we can at least keep Deron Williams.

There is a formula for a championship team. I wanted to put together a breakdown of the roles needed to fill out a contending team, so that we can all debate how close the Nets are to achieving a championship goal.

If I leave anything out, or overstate the importance of any role, please feel free to touch on it below. Again, these are not positions, but roles that need to be filled.

Floor Spacer - Every Championship team over the last 20 years has at least one guy that is dangerous from deep. Whether it's Kobe Bryant, Ray Allen, DeSean Stevenson (he used to at least), Chauncey Billups, Brent Barry, or Steve Kerr.

Break down scorer - All these teams had a guy that could still create offense when the team got deep into the shot clock. Examples: Kobe, Pierce, Wade, Ginobli.

Elite Interior Defender - This guy is needed for help defense, protecting the paint, and for contesting good NBA bigs down low. Examples: Chandler, Duncan, Perkins, Bynum and Gasol, KG, Shaq, Wallace

Interior Offensive Presence - An interior offensive scorer is needed to work the ball into the paint for high percentage points. Examples: Dirk, KG, Duncan, Shaq

Elite Perimeter Defender - With the talent of teams in the NBA finals you need an elite perimeter defender to take the opponents best player on, and keep pressure on the ball. Examples: Artest, Bowen, Tayshaun Prince, Kobe, Wade

Offensive Rebounding - Plain and simple, to even get there, you need second chance points. Ex. Chandler, Duncan, Shaq

Someone to attack the rim - High percentage points win basketball games. Someone on the floor needs to be able to take the ball from the top of the key to the rack. Examples: Parker, Kobe, Pierce, Rondo, Michael Jordan

Ball Distributor - Someone to feed those who can't feed themselves. Ex: Rondo, Triangle, Billups, Wade, Kidd

6th Man Offense - A guy to come in and spark the offense as you give your key guys a breath. This guy keeps you in the game. Ex. Odom, Stevenson, Robert Horry, James Posey

6th Man Defender - A hustle guy to take charges and fouls, and to bang down low and do the dirty work. Ex. Odom, Glen Davis, Stevenson, Corliss Williamson

How about it did I leave anything out?

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