Reload next year

New rebuilding concept: take on some large 1-year contracts that will go off the books in time for next year's FA bonanza. Who's available?

CP3, The Beard (Harden, RFA), D12, Bynum, and a ton of good non-max guys

The goal is to get at least 1 and maybe 2 of these max guys. The lure would be Brooklyn plus the ability to sign 2 of them to the same team (similar concept to Boston and Miami). Implementation after the jump.

Possible Implementation:

I'm trying to stay around $60M in salary cap.


Steve Nash, 1yr/$10M
Louis Williams, 3yr/$21M
Matt Barnes, 2yr/$8M (crash would be too expensive with these other guys)
Ersan Ilyasova, 3yr/$30M
Kevin Garnett, 1yr/$15M


Armon Johnson, 1yr/$1M
Mike James (or John Lucas if we can get him), 1yr/$1M
Keith Bogans, 1yr/$1M
Anthony Morrow, signed, $4M next season
Chris Wright, 1yr/$1M
Marshon Brooks, signed, $1M next season
James Singleton, 1yr/$1M
Brian Scalabrine, 1yr/$1M
Jordan Williams, signed, $1M next season
Johan Petro, signed, $3.5M next season

To summarize:

Nash / A. Johnson / M. James
Lou Williams / Morrow / Bogans
Matt Barnes / M. Brooks / Chris Wright
Ilyasova / James Singleton / Brian Scalabrine
Garnett / J.Will / Petro

I think this is an upper 40 win team, good for a 6th seed in the playoffs. Decent 1st year in Brooklyn.

More importantly: Nash + KG + Morrow + Petro + at least 6 min guys come off the books giving us $49M in cap space for next season. Helloooo Harden and D12!!!

The strongest points for this argument are:

  • Scenario fits in the cap
  • There's a long-term goal
  • The FA signings are at least plausible b/c we're offering Nash and KG so much money

The weakest points are:

  • It's unlikely we get both Nash and KG
  • The bench really sucks
  • We could miss out on all the max guys next year and have no roster (we'd have flexibility though)
  • Realistically we're not going to let dwill and crash get away

D-Will is not included because while I love dwill, I don't think he's as good a superstar as CP3, Beard, D12, and Bynum.

3, 2, 1, commence ridicule!

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