Free Agency / Offseason Open Thread

I'm somewhat curious what the general consensus is on different Free Agents and potential trade options.

I've included below a list of Free Agents I find "interesting" and then included what I think they're worth, and a little blurb about each. In addition to this I included a list of possible trades, and what it may take from the nets to get each done.

Sound of in the comments what you think about different Free Agents and Trades.

Point Guard:

Deron Williams - 5 Years 105 Million - No explanation needed.

Steve Nash - 3 Years 36 Million - Continues to play at a high level, and works incredibly hard to stay in shape.

Goran Dragic - 3 Year 24 Million - Showed potential, but hasn't proved much is a young player and could blossom.

Jason Kidd - 1 Year 1.5 Million - Is a good backup and nothing more, old but a good veteran to have on a team.

Shooting Guard:

Eric Gordon - 4 year 64 Million - Expect New Orleans to match any contract.

Ray Allen - 2 Years 12 Million - Is old and oft injured, not a fan of myself but good enough to warrant inclusion.

Jason Terry- 2 Years 16 Million - Another Veteran also good but aging, could provide good veteran insight.

Gerald Green - 2 Year 5 Million - Nets should look to bring back on a deal fair to both sides.

O.J. Mayo - 3 Years 21 Million - A good athletic 2, could use some work but is still and extremely talented player.

Small Forward:

Gerald Wallace - 3 Years 24 Million - No need to explain this one either.

Jeff Green - 2 Years 6 Million - Could potentially be worth the small risk.

Andrei Kirielenko - 3 Years 21 Million - A good play who was underutilized in Utah.

Power Forward:

Kevin Garnett - 2 Years 20 Million - Would change the attitude of the team, would be incredibly influential.

Eryan Ilyasova - 2 Years 20 Million - I don't like him on bit , but as the Nets are interested he's included.

Brook Lopez - 4 Years 40 Million - He was injured and is not a max player.


Omar Asik - 2 Years 10 Million - Is a great backup center, and a good defender.

Roy Hibbert - 4 Years 60 Million - Young and improving player worth the risk (see Tyson Chandler). My favorite player among the Free Agents, worth whatever it would take.

Brook Lopez - See above.


Dwight Howard - Nets would give up every asset imaginable - No explanation needed, please don't discuss this.

Rudy Gay - A grab bag of small assets and Gerald Wallace - A very good Small Forward who is highly overpaid only makes sense once Nets are at the cap.

James Harden - Assets that do not take up a lot of cap (Marshon, Draft Picks, Morrow etc...) - OKC will not be able to pay him next season and may look to trade him as Ibaka is more important to them.


Sound off in the comments, please remember I'm not endorsing any of the players except Roy Hibbert.

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