Why Lou Williams and David Lee Should be Nets' Main Target This Offseason

Deron Williams wants help. Fast. This nets team as it is would probably be a playoff team barring any major injuries. But that's not the point. In this phase of D-will's career, he wants to compete for a championship after being part of perennial first round losing Jazz teams and dismal nets teams over the span of 7 years.

The Nets are not a bad team, and Deron knows that. They just need that extra player or 2 to push them over the hump. Those players in my opinion are likely to be David Lee and Lou Williams.

First, lets start with Lou. It has been recently announced that he will opt out of his contract and become a free agent. He made just over 5 million last season and is looking for a bit of a raise. After all, that is a bargain for a teams' leading scorer. The Brooklyn Nets have a lot of cap space and an owner that's not afraid to make a bold move. The vision of playing on a team with an arguably better roster than the Sixers' in a brand new arena, on a hyped up team, in the biggest media capital of the world, all while getting a pay raise might intrigue the 25 year old. if he's interested, the Nets should have no problem signing him at about 7-8 mil. He would just have to agree to play the point most of the time because of the congestion at the 2 guard position on the nets. And at his 6'1 stature, that shouldn't be all that hard.

Next, the nets have been looking for an upgrade at power forward. David Lee might be the easiest one to get. He is not paid that much higher than Humphries and he also brings the same rebounding edge plus about 10 more points per game. We would have to do a sign and trade with Humphries, and either gains or farmar and maybe a 2nd round draft pick for David Lee.

The Nets will also acquire AK47 as expected.

Suddenly, this is looking like an incredibly deep roster that can compete in the Eastern Conference.

Position - Starter / Reserve

PG - Deron Williams/ Lou Williams

SG - Marshon Brooks/ Anthony Morrow

SF - Gerald Wallace/ Gerald Green

PF - David Lee / Andrei Kirelinko

C - Brook Lopez/ Shelden Williams

I think this team has potential to be really good and compete for a 4th - 6th seed and go reletively deep in the playoffs. i know that this isn't the best defensive team, but who said the Nets were a defensive team to begin with? We can make it up with scoring, similar to a Mike D'Antoni type gameplan. We just have to pray that Brook doesn't get injured again. Tell me what you think or if you think we should target other people (not named D12) in the comments below.

P.S: Remember that we have a BILLIONAIRE owner. going over that salary cap is NOT the end of the world

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