There is one person who can make it all work for the Nets!!!

Here is my take on all this....

As we continue to hear all sorts of rumors/stories about Deron Williams signing or leaving, Dwight Howard coming or going and Gerald Wallace resigning or opting out, we as Nets fans can't help by getting confused and upset at all these reports. We agonize over ever little detail because we are waiting patiently for our turn for something good to happen to our franchise. Well it might happen and I believe there is one and only one person who can make it happen. No not Dwight, no not Deron and no way is it Billy King. The only one who can save us and bring a true contender to Brooklyn is the one and only Phil Jackson. Yes the Zen Master himself.

First off we already hearing the rumors about him wanting to come back and we know it's not to be in the front office but to coach. He's already turned down Orlando for "another" opportunity. We also know that he wants New York but the Knicks already have a coach that they like plus Dolan wants no part of a strong-headed Jackson who he can't control. So that leaves us with the Nets, a team that he finsihed his playing career with. Why would he pick the Nets some might ask but there are plenty of "good" reasons why.

First he gets back to New York where he wants to coach. He also gets to coach against the Knicks who by now are his #1 enemy for not contacting him for their coaching job. Remember, Jackson feels he's the greatest and everybody should cater to him. Second he has an non-hands-on owner who loves stars, even coaching stars, and will have no problem giving Phil the money he wants and the power he wants. Third, he takes over a team that has stars in Dwight Howard (we will get to him later) and Deron Williams plus a very good player in Gerald Wallace. So the pieces are there for him but how do we get all the pieces together? Here's where Phil can make it all work.

Well the Nets already have Deron and Wallace in place if they both resign but Howard would be the problem right? Lets see here, Phil has already said a few years back while coaching the Lakers that if he was starting a team now he would pick Howard over players like James, Wade and Paul (of course not Kobe lol). There are reports that Phil and Howard talk to each other often (even now this offseason) and are friends. So there is a connection between Howard and Jackson but how can we get Howard.

We all know that the only way Howard can get to the Nets this offseason is by almost demanding he wants Nets only and he will not sign anywhere else after this season but to the Brooklyn Nets. Last year Howard had a hard time committing which led him to opt-in for one more year #which now he knows was a big mistake and won't make that one again#. If Phil Jackson gets to Howard and tells him to get to the Nets I'm sure Howard would do almost anything to please Jackson. Orlando already said that they won't go through another season of uncertainty with Howard and if he doesn't commit they will trade him. If Howard scares off other teams by "publicly" claiming that he wants Nets "only" the Nets probably can and will offer the most (I'm not a trade machine but I'm sure the Nets would offer all they can in Brook, Brooks, Morrow and/or Bogs and 2-3 picks). I feel the only way Howard does all of this is if somebody who Howard truly respects and wants to be coached by tells him. Last year Williams and BK couldn't get him to commit but Jackson can and will.

So at the end of the day, Williams get what he wants, Howard gets what he wants, Jackson gets what he wants, BK gets what he wants, Proky gets what he wants and most of all the fans of the Brooklyn Nets get what they want, a contending, championship caliber team headed by two all-stars and a legend of a coach plus we also get a bonus, we don't have to hear Avery talking about battling anymore!!!!

Keep the faith boys!!!

Here are some links to some of the info

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