Doomsday Scenario (Which I think turns out for the best)

So its July 11th or whatever and the Nets still don't have Dwight Howard so Deron Williams decides he's gonna split and head somewhere else. No need to go suicidal, there is still a way for the Nets to build a very good contending team in a few moves that I have planned out:

1. S&T D-Will to the Lakers along with Petro for Pau Gasol

- D-Will has said he would rather go to the Lakers than the Mavs, which if he's leaving works out better because the Nets at least get something back in return. This deal is a no brainer for the Lakers as the acquire a top point guard for a player who was on the outs anyway. Petro gets thrown in here to match up salaries and it also helps out the Nets to get him off the books. The Lakers shouldn't complain too much about that because they are getting a steal anyway.

2. Trade Pau Gasol to the Rockets for Kyle Lowry, Pattrick Patterson, and for them to make the pick of theirs we own without restrictions

- The Rockets made a strong push for Gasol during the offseason and almost got him in the Chris Paul deal. This is a very low price for him as they were giving up much more and also becasue Kyle Lowry has already said he wants to be traded. It also helps the Nets to take the restrictions off their pick because it guarentees them one the next off season.

3. S&T Brook Lopez along with Anthony Morrow to the Hawks for Josh Smith

- As it has been said here many times, the Hawks are looking for a center so that they can move Al Horford to his more natural position of power forward. This gives them the franchise center they are looking for along with a deadly shooter which was evident in the playoffs that they just did not have. J-Smoov comes to the Nets as an excellent defender and someone who can run with Kyle Lowry

4. Sign Gerald Wallace for 3 yrs/ 24 mil

-This is the number that has already been tossed around before and I think it seems like a fair contract. We definitely cannot afford to let this guy go as we gave up the 6th pick in the draft for him.

5. Sign Gerald Green for 2 yrs/ 8 mil

-It is kind of a mystery what the market for everyone's favorite dunker will be this off season. However, even with how good he looked in the end of the season I think $4 million is a fair yearly contract for a guy who is fresh out of the D-League and was recently playing in like Siberia

6. Sign Roy Hibbert for 5 yrs/ 55 mil

-With this deal I kind of want the Nets to throw money at Hibbert to the point where the Pacers won't match it. $11 million seems pretty good for the big man who could anchor the post for the Nets. Another good defensive player who could hold down the paint better than Lopez.

7. Sign Sheldon Williams for vet's minimum ($1 million)

- Some don't think he very talented at all but to me Sheldon is a great role player who gives it his all no matter what his minutes are. He has pretty much no skills offensively but he plays defense pretty well and his rebounding is great.

8. Sign Jonny Flynn for 1 yr/ 2 mil

-The former 6th pick has not lived up to expectation at all but I think the Nets should give him one more chance to redeem himself. This will be his 4th year and maybe he's a late bloomer who can flourish as a backup to Kyle Lowry. At $2 million for one year, he's worth the risk for the athletic guard who can shoot and play defense pretty well and is quick so he can run the break with the way this team will be built.

9. Sign Omer Asik for 4 yrs/ 20 mil

- As much as I like Sheldon Williams I don't want him to be the only backup center again, which will allow him to split time at PF too. Asik will fit in well behind Hibbert as he is also a very good rebounder and defender. He's also got a winning mentality and knows how to play team defense from the Bulls.

10. Sign Jodie Meeks for 2 yrs/ 3 mil

- With Morrow gone, the Nets can sign Meeks as a cheaper version and a guy who can really stroke it from deep. Also, unlike Morrow, Meeks can actually do other things besides just shoot. This guy was a starter for the Sixers for a reason, he can play and he'll also come pretty cheap.

This leaves us with a final roster of:

Lowry ($5.75 mil)/ Flynn ($2 mil)

Brooks ($1.2 mil)/ Meeks ($1.5 mil)

Wallace ($8 mil)/ Green ($4 mil)

J. Smith ($13.2 mil)/ Patterson ($2.1 mil)/ J. Williams ($0.8 mil)

Hibbert ($11 mil)/ Asik ($5 mil)/ Sheldon ($1 mil)

The total comes out to a total payroll of $55.55 million which still leaves room for improvement

-This team will be great defensively with studs lock down defenders at every position but SG, and guys like Wallace and Smith will make up for Brooks' defensive deficiencies. I would not mind this team because it does not have any annoying super stars or any players that we will have to be waiting the whole season to see if they'll re-sign or not. This also includes room for improvement with a few million under the salary cap and also includes the Nets pick in 2013 and an unprotected Rockets pick too. If Billy King can pull of a few deals like this, I think we'll be in a pretty good position.

Tell me what you guys think!

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