My Offseason Plan for the Brooklyn Nets

Going into the 2012-2013 NBA Offseason the Brooklyn Nets Assets are as follow:


Anthony Morrow - 1 Year, 4 Million Remanining

Jordan Farmar - 1 Year, 4.25 Million Player Option

Johan Petro - 1 Year, 3.25 Million Remaining

Marshon Brooks - 1 Year, 1.2 Million Remaining (Team Option's '13 & '14)(RFA '15)

Damion James - Team Option, 1.3 Million (Team Option '13)(RFA '14)

Jordan Williams - 1 Year, 762 Thousand Remaining (Team Option '13)

Restricted Free Agents:

Brook Lopez - 4.19 Million Qualifying Offering & Rights to match any contract

Expiring Contracts: (Can be used in Sign and Trade Deals)

Deron Williams

Gerald Wallace

Kris Humphries

Deshawn Stevenson

Other Expiring Contracts are not mentioned do to likelihood of near minimum value contract.

Cap Space:

45 Million Dollars (Would become 49 Million if Farmar opts-out)


In this scenario we assume that Deron Williams decides the Nets are the not the best option for his future and he would like to sign or be traded to a team in a better position to win now. While this may not end up being true, if his ultimate desire is to win quickly it can be assumed he will sign elsewhere, alternately we can also assume that if his ultimate desire is to win at some point, and be more financially secure he will resign with the Nets. However, in my opinion the Nets have several good options either way. While no one has any idea on what Deron will do, I have chosen to focus on the hypothetical scenario of him not resigning as the majority of us are aware of the Nets Option should Deron choose to resign. In addition to this Farmar is assumed to have opted out of his contract in salary cap valuations.

The Plan:

Step One: Sign & Trade Deron Williams PG to OKC, in return Nets receive Russell Westbrook PG/SG.

The Thunder after falling to Spurs 4-0 in the Western Conference Finals, realize that Westbrook is not ideal at the PG position and is an ideal SG, however with James Harden already on the Thunder, the Thunder are left with few good options on how to improve their roster as they do not have the cap space to sign a traditional Point Guard nor is one on the roster. As a result the Thunder agree on a sign and trade with the Nets swapping Deron Williams for Russell Westbrook. This trade makes sense for the Thunder as they receive the traditional PG their roster needs to get over the hump. In addition, Deron Williams agrees to this trade as he is looking to win now and Thunder are one of the best teams in the league. Finally the Nets agree to this trade as they are rewarded with one of the leagues best combo guards in return for a player they would have lost. -- Cap Update: 33 Million Remaining

Step Two: 4 Team Sign & Trade Extravaganza

Lakers: Trade 2012 1st Round Pick to Suns, Receive Gerald Wallace SF -- The Lakers need a SF and have no cap space thus they pay the petty price of 1st round pick and receive Wallace.

Nets: Trade Gerald Wallace SF, Anthony Morrow SG, & Johan Petro C, S&T Brook Lopez C, Receive Chris Bosh PF -- The Nets give up a lot but receive one of the best PF's in the league who is on a team friendly contract, the team needs star power and makes the deal.

Heat: Trade Chris Bosh PF, Receive Anthony Morrow SG, Steve Nash PG, Brook Lopez C, Johan Petro C -- The Heat need depth, and don't feel Bosh is a valuable piece especially after this years Playoffs, thus the Heat choose to take a PG and a Center, and bench depth over their third star Chris Bosh.

Suns: Sign & Trade Steve Nash PG, Receive Lakers 2012 1st Round Pick -- The Suns seem intent on letting Nash walk, thus should be more than happy to complete this trade and receive a 1st Round Pick for essentially nothing.

Cap Update: 26 Million Remaining

Step Three: Sign Goran Dragic @ 2 Years, 18 Million, Move Russell Westbrook to Shooting Guard -- Dragic a career backup until this year put up solid numbers once becoming a starter, and has a great deal of potential as a staring point guard in the NBA. Russell Westbrook is ideally suited to play SG as he did at UCLA and is moved their.

Cap Update: 17 Million Remaining

Step Four: Sign Andrei Kirilenko @ 1 Year, 7 Million -- Kirilenko looking to again enter the NBA, and accepts a one year deal at 7 million. Deal is fair to both sides, and would be easy to complete with Kirilenko's Russian ties.

Cap Update: 10 Million Remaining:

Step Five: Sign Kevin Garnett @ 1 Year, 10 Million - The Nets at this point will be the stronger team than the Celtics, and would be offering more money. Garnett looking to win and get paid chooses the Nets.

Cap Update: 0 Remaining, 2 Exceptions & Minimum Contracts ONLY

Step Six: Nets Use Mid Level Exception, Sign Omar Asik @ 1 Year, 5 Million -- Asik is an excellent backup center and is valuable to the Nets as they add a 7 Footer to the team, for use in traditional Center needs.

Cap Update: 0 Remaining, Minor Exception & Minimum Contracts ONLY

Step Seven: Nets Use Minor Exception, Sign Gerald Green @ 1 Year, 2.5 Million -- Green looking to build on his past success with the Team resigns at a major pay upgrade.

Cap Update: 0 Remaining, MInimum Contracts ONLY

Step Eight: Sign Jason Kidd @ Vet. Minimum -- Jason Kidd has said he'd be willing to come back, the Nets need a backup PG its a match made in heaven.

Step NIne: Fill out the roster with minimum contracts.

If the Nine Steps above were to happen the Roster would look as follows:

PG - Dragic & Kidd

SG - Westbrook & Brooks & Filler

SF - Kirilenko & Green & Filler

PF - Bosh & Williams (With Garnett and Kirilenko both taking some minutes)

C - Garnett & Asik

In addition to the good lineup that would play every night, the Nets by moving Dragic after the season would have the ability to offer both Howard and Paul max. contracts come the 2013 Offseason, and the possibility of a four star team would be hard for both of them to turn down.

Let Me Know What You Think,


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