Andrei Kirelenko vs Kris Humphries: A tale of the tape at PF

Rumors have it that Andrei Kirelenko has a verbal agreement to join the Nets in Brooklyn to kick off the inaugural season. With Billy King likely to resign Gerald Wallace and Gerald Green at SF, Kris Humphries appears to be the odd man out since Kirelenko can play PF. This is causing quite a stir for those who feel Humphries should be the Nets power forward. Let's check the tale of the tape and let the facts tell us who is the better choice instead of letting emotions cloud our judgement. Stats are from and reflect each players stats as a PF


AK47 6'9" 235 lbs 7'4" Wingspan

HUMP 6'9" 235 lbs 7' Wingspan

Both players are listed at the exact same height and weight. Kirelenko has 4 inches on Humphries on wingspan. This is considered important since players with bigger wingspans tend to be better on defense since they disprupt plays with their extra length.



AK47 18.6

HUMP 16.6

AK is a full 2 point better in player efficiency rating at PF. An average NBA player's PER should be around 15. Humphries is above average but AK is well above average.



AK47 18.9

HUMP 17.7

AK scores over a full point more then Hump.



AK47 9.3

HUMP 14.8

No surprise here, Hump is one of the top rebounders in the NBA. Hump takes rebounding by a landslide over AK47



AK47 6.3

HUMP 1.8

AS big as Hump's rebounding advantage is, AK's play making skills are the equivalent. AK gets 4.5 more assists per 48 then Hump. At the very minimum that is an extra 9 points per game, 4.5 assists x 2 points.



AK47 2.1 Blk/48

Hump 1.8 Blk/48

AK47's longer arms come into play here and he is a better shot blocker then Hump



We have seen what each player can do, lets see what their opponent does at the PF when each is defending them.

AK47's Opponenet

14.1 PER

16.4 Pts/48

11.1 Reb/48

1.5 Ast/48

HUMP's Opponent

16.4 PER

20.4 Pts/48

10.5 Reb/48

3.1 Ast/48

Besides rebounding, AK47 wins another landslide. Compared to AK47, Hump's man is 2.3 PER better, scores 4 points more, and gets twice as man assists.



If this were a boxing match, AK47 would win a unanimous decision. He is flat out the better option.I understand why people like Humphries but playing hard isnt the same thing as playing well. Opposing PF's consistantly outplay Humphries if you look at the stats. Kirelenko is a true differnce maker on offense with is ability to pass, dribble and shoot and is still among the best defenders in the NBA. I would like to have both but if forced to chose Kirelenko is the player I would rather have in Brooklyn.

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