Forget Dwight, Target David Lee and Stephen Jackson

The Nets are on a tightrope right now. If they make it across, they're one of the best teams in the east. If they fall of, they're right back on the bottom. They have a chance to be an elite team if they play their cards right. Most people believe that the path to take is trying to trade for Dwight Howard. At the beginning of the season I was all for it, but now that he has a serious back injury, i want to look at some other options that are available and even cheaper.

The main goal here is to try to please Deron Williams, because any team you put together will not be as good without him on the roster. Period. To do so you will need some (somewhat)marquee names. David Lee is definately a person that is considered a top 10 PF in the NBA. He carries a (somewhat) marquee name. Much more so than Kris Humphries. (In terms of strictly Basketball) He also solidifies the power forward position. I think that David Lee could be had for Humphries and a draft pick and maybe a throw in. Even though his game isn't a HUGE improvement over humph, it's still better.

Along with Williams, Lopez, Wallace and Lee, there's only one more position to solidify. And that's Shooting Guard.

You may be thinking, this guy is nuts right about now. But stay with me. Even though Morrow and Brooks are solid players, I would prefer a solid veteran starting over brooks than this Morrow/ Brooks battle for the starting spot. You need a medium scoring veteran that would not get in Brooks' way and wouldn't stunt his development. Ring a bell yet?

Stephen Jackson fits this bill perfectly. He's 34 but can give you quality numbers around 12 - 15 ppg and he's on a short term 2 year deal. Brooks would benefit more learning from him and gaining experience. We would give up morrow, gains and possibly cash.

Our Starting Five would be like this:

PG: Deron Williams

SG: Stephen Jackson

SF: Gerald Wallce

PF: David Lee

C: Brook Lopez

Then our bench would be famar, brooks, green, AK47 or (hopefully) thomas robinson and jordan williams.

Thats a homecourt team in the playoffs to me. It's certainly better than a linup of (probably) deron, morrow, turkoglu, humphries and dwight or maybe deron, morrow, wallace, anderson, dwight. Tell me what you would prefer and why. Do you think my lineup would convince D-Will to stay? Tell me in the comment below.

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