Blasting on Deron's Nets Skull Candy headphones in Red Square today was Lil Kim/DMX version of Money, Power, Respect It's the Key to Life (Parental Advisory Censored Version)


A. NBA Contract- Nets can offer more NOW than any other team. No player in history has left that kind of money on the table and now with recent career damaging injuries to point guards (Rose, Rubio, Shumpert) no player in their right mind would roll the dice on such a gamble that 4 years down the road will have the opportunity to make the money up he would have to leave on the table to go to Dallas in his next contract 4 years down the road. ADVANTAGE: Nets

B. Endorsements- Brooklyn market 4th largest in the country in the #1 city in the world already capitalize with deals with metroPCS, Red bull, Audi, Bonobo, etc with more to surely come when he actually makes his first patented cross over step back 3 move in Barlcays Center. Dallas can possibly offer guest appearance in the revamped Dallas television series with old man Larry Hagman and Patrick Duffy ADVANTAGE: Nets

C. Taxes - Cheaper state taxes in Dallas but difference is not as great given NBA player tax structure regarding residence and performing in various states. ADVANTAGE: Dallas


Power is purely based on placing Deron in the best "Basketball Decision" place to succeed

A. Team Outlook - Dallas aging but still championship superstar Dirk, remaining scrap players, great coach that is locked up for 4 years vs. Nets potentially various combination of Lopez, AK, Wallace, Dwight Howard, Anthony Davis, Humphries, Gerald Greene, Brooks, etc., with average to mediocre coach ADVANTAGE: EVEN or slightly Nets

B. Team Goal/Ownership - Dallas discarded key players, future strategic moves entirely based on cap/luxury tax considerations vs. Nets GOAL is to WIN a championship within a 3 years window and ownership is ready, willing, and able to provide unlimited source of funds to achieve stated goal ADVANTAGE: Nets

C. Competition - Team perspective with the forecasted best team in next 3 year window WEST OKC with Russell Westbrook vs. HEAT with Lebron/Wade/Ringo Bosh but no formidable point guard to speak of or even the up and coming Pacers if they beat Heat this series George Hill/Collison;

Position perspective with best point guards in the West Chris Paul, Tony Parker, Russell Westbrook, Steve Nash, Ty Lawson, Lowry, (no Ricky Rubio) vs. Best Point Guard in the East Rondo, (no Derrick Rose for the foreseeable season plus, no Shumpert pesky defense for the foreseeable future), young guns Irving, Wall, (***Kidd will be backup PG), dare I say Jeremy Lin LOL, Jennings ADVANTAGE: Nets


Respect is earned with family, peers and fans by giving them respect and consideration

A. Family- Dallas is the hometown always had dream of playing back home when in Utah, wife has expressed love for Texas vs. Ms. Williams is loving the experience of living the life in NYC and raising the kids in NYC, super tweeter enjoying the NYC scene, already linking up with NYC radio personality @ Power 105 and soon will dethrone LaLa as the first lady of NYC basketball and more will surely come with success in Brooklyn (including freebie Cat Daddy dance lessons from Brooklyn Nets finest Melissa Iglesias-Google it trust me) ADVANTAGE: Nets

B. Peers- Although aging Dallas will always be Dirk's team no matter what level of success vs. opportunity to start a brand new rich legacy of bringing a team up from the ground floor and make his mark in the history books for many years to come. ADVANTAGE: Nets

C. Fans-local Dallas fans will cheer hard for their hometown product vs. potential GLOBAL fan base with New York City's international exposure, Brooklyn's country wide exposure, Russia, Turkey, etc Global exposure. ADVANTAGE: Nets

Side B to come soon.....

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