So... what about us?

Hello NetsDaily. I haven't been a Nets fan as long as most of you. It was Vince Carter who truly got me into this franchise.

Being born and raised in New Jersey definitely sparked my interest in the Nets. I've been a basketball fan my whole life, but it took time for me to have pride in our sports teams - most of us in New Jersey just don't seem to care about basketball, especially.

Which is why the move to Brooklyn makes sense. For the past few years, we've been at or near the bottom of game attendance in the entire league. So far, the relocation seems promising. Yormark is definitely trying to embrace the Brooklyn community in order to build up the new fanbase. This is of course, great for the franchise, as well as the Brooklyn-ites. I honestly expect the Nets game attendance in Barclays to be much closer to the top of the charts. It's great to see the team return the land where it began - New York.

But what about us New Jersey fans? I know it hasn't been long, but I really haven't seen any efforts made by the management of the team to try and keep us interested ever since the move became official. Tickets for the 2012-2013 season are being made available to Brooklyn before anyone else. Same with most of the merchandise. I'm just not feeling any love from the team I've loved so dearly.

Yeah, we can say that we don't deserve it. It's our fault that the attendance has been piss poor ever since the New Jersey team was born. You all have seen the pictures of the empty seats at the Izod Center/Continental Airlines Arena, as well as the Prudential Center. Are we really to blame?

I don't think so. This team has been historically bad. One of the worst franchises in that aspect. Our best record in the NBA is the fifth worst at 52-30 - and most of the teams below us have been relatively new compared to us. Our management had plenty of time to make us a good team. Out of those 35 years, we have been for about five of them. I'm sure most of you will agree with me when I say a good team brings fans - NOT vice-versa.

Lest we forget... even though the team had openly stated to relocate to Brooklyn YEARS ago, we have stayed faithful.

My question for you all is... do you think that the Nets management should hold a special sale or occasion that benefits the fans from New Jersey?

Maybe I've missed something where they might have already. Let me know if I did, haha.


I just recieved this last night. Purchased it the very last day the New Jersey merchandise was available. I'll be wearing this to every Brooklyn game I attend to respect the team that I've loved. I plan to stay away from any Brooklyn merchandise until I don't feel snubbed anymore. :P

And a quick shout-out to the Nets fans that aren't from New Jersey, or live elsewhere. Ya'll are troopers.

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