Free Agent Targets

What's up guys I haven't posted here in a while and I just want to say I'm glad we are finally in BK. I've seen a lot of posts regarding whom we should target in free agency and I have my own list of free agents or trade targets who would help us immensely.

5. Eric Gordon-He's probably the best talent out there besides DWill but he's restricted and I don't want to pay for an undersized SG because the Hornets will probably match any offer. But if there is a way we can get him at a reasonable price we should go after him. He is an electric scorer and a great shooter. His defense leaves something to be desired but maybe playing next to Gerald Wallace wwould help.

4. Anyone of the Jazz 4 big men- we have history with the Jazz and they need to free up some space on their front line. Also they will need to free up money to sign either Kanter or Favors because their rookie contracts will be up in a couple years. I don't know what they would take in a trade but any of our role players can be traded. Millsap and Jefferson are seasoned and both are powerful but have that polished 15 footer. Also Favors and Kanter as we all know, are young and have tons of potential. I know veterans will win games now but these 2 could turn into really good players.

3. Ryan Anderson- Anderson would be a great complimentary player on this team. He is a floor spacer that plays power forward. He's also shown better skills rebounding. Im a big Hump fan but I think that he isn't a quality starting power forward and his numbers are good because who else would rebound on this team. Anderson would space the floor for Deron, Gerald Wallace, and BLopez.the only concern for him would be could he keep rebounding well. Because if he doesn't with him and Lopez down there we could killed. Also I know his defense isn't great but we would probably just have to accept that.

4. Kevin Garnett- everyone's post has him at number 1 for our free agents targets and I agree he would be instrumental in success. KG would bring leadership and with him and Gerald Wallace on D they could transform us. We all know defense wins championships. Look at all the contenders they play good defense. This would be an incredible pick up especially if he's healthy. I'm skeptical if he would sign with us and for how long. But if we can get him we should because he could completely turn the team around. He also brings a know how on how to win a championship and veteran leadership.

My number one free agent target maybe surprising but I believe he could blossom into a star...

1. OJ Mayo- Mayo has been a terrific scorer for his young career averaging 19 a game his rookie year. Since then though he's been regulated to coming off the bench though he's still shown his scoring explosiveness. He's also a better than advertised defender. Here in BK with Dwill he might turn into a all-star. He's better than MarShon and Ammo. Another plus is he's young coming into the league with KEvin Love. He's turned into a guy who cannot only flat out score but shoot the 3 well. Mayo has also almost been traded twice so it's easy to see the Grizz are more than willing to part ways. He probably wouldn't cost as much as other players either.

All of this is comtigent on Deron and Gerald resigning. With these two plus a healthy Brook and a couple free agent signings we could very well finish 3rd next year. I mean this team would probably beat out the Pacers





Lopez/anyone except Petro

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