Nets Offseason Plan

Before I give my plans for the offseason I will explain my thought process of how I perceive the NBA.

Everyone who has gotten to this level of professional sports clearly is talented and has natural ability, that is how players get to this level but the main thing they need to succeed at this level is to perfect the mental aspect of this game, sometimes it is a confidence thing, sometimes a basketball IQ thing and sometimes just a situational thing among others, but I think the main way to build a roster where every player can overcome the mental aspect of this game is to bring in veterans who have been there before and been successful, something that clearly our FO and deron both understand.

What do I mean by the mental aspect?

There are many things that go into the mental aspect of pro sports and many different levels, for example guys like Kobe and Michael yes they are supremely talented but they are also very bright individuals who mastered the mental aspect, do they have that much more physical ability than JR smith or tyreke evans? Maybe but I don't think so, the main thing is that new players in this league who don't master the mental aspect sometimes do not take advantage of their physical abilities by not going at big name players thinking that they are not as good because they are not as well known.

How can this problem be fixed?

By adding veterans who have been through all the battles, I do not think it is a coincidence that every young player boston tries to develop becomes a quality player, the reason is playing with pierce, allen, and mostly garnett they are not scared of going at more well known players with higher expectations, is it a coincidence that any player put in their rotation succeeds? Greg Stiemsma? Kendrick Perkins? Brandon Bass? Avery Bradley? these are all good talents but so is every player at this level. If you switch avery bradley and Bass with jason thomson and isiah thomas will that translate to more wins for Sacramento? One could argue that Sac has more talent than boston and i would probably agree but they do not have veterans who are not afraid and who have won before.

With that said here is how I would give a quick fix sans Dwight this offseason.

and before I begin I will say that I truly do have respect for every nets players especially some that I would suggest moving (morrow, hump) but this is also a business and everyone understands that.

Trade our expirings for David West (Morrow, Petro, and J williams)

Why Indy does this? yes D west is an expiring as well so maybe they don't but with 3 expirings and players that can be brought back after on smaller deals (morrow) allows indy to pay their up and coming players (paul george, hibbert) and still retain morrow and Jwill.

Why nets do it? cut some dead weight and add good veteran presence who knows how to win.

Next: Sign KG, Garnett may be more inclined to join a team with D west that can also have deron, lopez, and wallace, and I believe their is no better veteran to add to your roster in the league than garnett as he truly gets guys to understand the mental aspect of being a professional and not being scared of the moment.

Next: while i love hump just like the rest of you I would let him test free agency and get big bucks that he earned with hard work and bring in a guy like Joe Alexander, I think alexander who is currently overseas can give us similar production to hump but off the bench with less expectations, with the coaching job that popeye jones and avery have done with Brandon Bass and Hump they should be able to help alexander become that type of player, they are all similarly built with excellent frames and athleticism and have shown good midrange potential, also alexander was leading the d league in rebounding a few years back, a skill that almost always translates to the NBA. A guy like Alexander coming off the bench on a team with multiple veterans will be able to find his role in this league no doubt. I do not think tyler hansborough has and more natural ability than alexander but because hasnborough has the mental aspect down he has found his niche in the league and is a successful role player.

I would then Sign D steve try and get kidd in here and maybe a delonte west on small deals while we bring back green and that would shore up our backcourt

My last move would be to throw some money at beasley, who I think playing alongside veterans like wallace garnett and david west would breakout as a player as he has immense talent scoring the basketball.

Now I do not want to come off as one of those juvinille sports fans who says lets get lebron kobe and dwight and well be good, and I do not know if the salaries work and all that, and Im no expert on cap or whatever, so some of these may not work along with bringing back our current FA but this is just a rough draft of some ideas I have to help this squad and the main premise behind it does not change regardless of who we bring in, we need veterans so our young guys not only learn how to play but how to win.

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