Non-D12 BK Nets future

With Dwight Howard locked up for another year, I'm assuming that the Nets will not get him this offseason. The Nets have moved on and still have a bright future.

The Nets have a whole lot of expiring players:

-Kris Humphries ($8,000,000)

-Deshawn Stevenson ($2,500,000)

-Damion James ($1,243,080)

-Sheldon Williams ($854,389)

-Sundiata Gaines ($854,389)

-Dennis Horner ($473,604)

-Gerald Green ($137,804)

And of course Deron Williams, Gerald Wallace, and Brook Lopez.

The Nets will have a TON of cap space this summer.

With the Nets finishing strong this year, D-Will can see that a team with him and Gerald Wallace is a good team.

This will lead to a max extension for D-Will because he realizes the Brooklyn Nets is a better landing spot than the Dallas Mavericks.

The Nets will re-sign Wallace and Brook Lopez.

The Rockets finish in the playoffs and the Nets get their pick (17th overall) and select PF John Henson from UNC.

With the Miami Heat's 2nd round pick, the Nets select J'Covan Brown from Texas.

The Nets re-sign Gerald Green.

In the beginning of the offseason, right before free agency, the Nets strike gold in a deal with the Hawks.

Nets Receive : Josh Smith

Hawks Receive: Nets 2013 1st round pick, Jordan Farmar, Anthony Morrow, MarShon Brooks, the rights to Bojan Bogdanovic and a 2014 2nd round pick.

Going into the spending period of free agency, the Nets start out with a lineup of this:

-PG: D-Will, Brown


-SF: Wallace, Green

-PF: Josh Smith, Henson

-C: Brook Lopez, J. Williams

They obviously have a lot of holes to fill, but they have 4 potential all-stars in that starting lineup. This years free agency doesnt have many big names, but it has a lot of quality players that the Nets can look at.

The Nets sign:

Jason Kidd for the Vet's minimum

O.J. Mayo for $9.5 million a year

Jason Terry for about $6 million a year

Those 2 signings, along with Lopez DWill and Wallace will basically cap up out, but the Nets make a few more small signnings.

Sign SF Bill Walker for a small salary.

Sign Jared Jeffries for another small salary.

Sign Robin Lopez for about 5 million to back up brook and complete the lopez brother package.

This team could be a contender-

PG: D-Will, Kidd, Brown

SG: Mayo, Terry, Walker

SF: Wallace, Green

PF: Smith, Henson, Jeffries

C: B. Lopez, R.Lopez, Williams

This team has great starters, as well as great depth. I could see this team winning 50ish games and making some noise in the playoffs.


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