Looking forward to next yr

First and for most I wanna start this by saying Proxy get the checkbook out, Bk pucker up..

I think we all know our first priority this summer of course is to get Dwill committed to Brooklyn.

But first comes draft day ,although we're not sure if we will have our pick, it looks pretty sure the rockets will make the playoffs which gives us thier pick which i believe is between 14 and 16th if Im not mistaken. With so many expiring contracts of players I want on the roster next yr such as Dwill both GerAlds and B.Lopez, its difficult to say who i would like us to go after without knowing the cap structure.

But if I were BK first ... Dwight Howard lets make a call and see if Orlando really wants to go through the whole Dwightmare Again or get him out of there. Secondly if Dwight seems unrealistic I would call the hawks inquiring on J. Smooth he asked for a trade at the deadline and wasn't moved. Hopefully the hawks do not want to got though any Dwightmare or Melodrama although I know Smith has nowhere near the star power of either mentioned he is a former allstar and great player one of the best power forwards in the game.

Can you really imagine a lineup of : Dwill, Green,Wallace,Smith,Lopez (preferably a backup who can run the break) One word Electrifying. It's Bk job to see what it would take to get the job done but if possible would be great.

We absolututely have to make a BIG move on draft night.

If we can bring back the exact same roster we have now and substitute Humpfries for J.Smooth Petro for Robin Lopez and Gaines for anybody but Gaines sayy Boobie Gibson a knock down 3pt shooter and good defender although a little expensive. I believe that roster is a contender.

Dwill, Boobie




Lopez bros

I mean the Lopez bros not just a good story heading into Brooklyn but also a great center combo. They have played off of each other in the past (duhh) and who would brook be willing to take a pay cut for more then his brother. I would love to see a linky shot blocker and dunker to backup Smooth thinks hakim Warrick but definitely not hakim Warrick want to say KG but you can't get Xbox and ps3 for your bday...unless u have really nice and rich parents Proxy hint hint ..

Fill in the extra spots around them players mentioned above and u have a definite 4th seed or higher playoff team in the east and very possible contender.

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