Deron will sign with ...

I really don't understand all the people who think Deron's choice is just between Nets and Mavs. All the talk about going home is serious hype. Deron left Dallas after high school and his off-season home is in San Diego, so home for him would be LA.

If Deron walks into BK's office and gives BK a list of 3 teams and says either work out a sign and trade with them or else I'll sign with the Mavs, odds are extremely high that BK will do a deal that gets at least some assets back.

Since Deron has repeatedly said that he wants to win and also that his decision will be a basketball decision, what teams would fit and what could BK possibly get in return for an S&T?

Some choices:

Miami – trade for Bosh. OK, I know that there's a large group of people who hate "soft" big men and undervalue players like Bosh and Pau Gasol, but they can be traded to other teams that value them. Maybe flip Bosh to Boston for AJ and Bass and pick(s). With Bosh, if Allen and KG resign, they might have 1 more run in them.

Orlando – trade for Nelson and Redick and picks. Maybe get RA back? Maybe unload Petro on them? This would hurt since Magic fans will forever be laughing at us. But Nelson/Redick are expiring contracts that can be traded at deadline for more picks. That's better than nothing, even though it would really hurt.

Lakers – DWill and Petro for Sessions and Gasol. I thought a couple of months ago that DWill for Gasol was the plan F in case nothing worked and DWill decided to leave. Since the Lakers got Sessions, who is doing well, they might not be interested, but it depends on how they do in the playoffs. Again, for those who hate "soft" big men even though Pau was instrumental in 2 chips for LAL, we can flip Gasol for picks.

Memphis – Conley and Mayo and pick(s) or DWill and Petro for Gay and Conley and pick(s). Would Deron go to a small market team?

And that isn’t even looking at 3 way trades. GMs will get very creative for a chance at DWill.

Unfortunately, I think DWill is gone, but I also think we'll get some assets back because all 4 teams listed above are better for DWill than the Mavs.

So if you think DWill is gone, where is he going?

If you think he stays, why would he pass up a chance to force his way to one of the other clubs he can go to?

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