My Experience Today at the Brooklyn Modell's in Pictures...

Today marks the beginning of a new and brighter era of not only Nets basketball but Brooklyn Nets Basketball. During my visit to Brooklyn to visit the Barclays Center and see the unveiling of our new brand at Modell's, it definitely felt like a new era--a new and promising beginning with a fan base that seemed hungry to make this team theirs and loyally represent with "Brooklyn" and/or "Nets" across their chests. In all my years as a Nets fan, I have never felt a buzz like the one that I felt today surrounding this franchise. From the TV and radio spots to the buzz on the streets and the smiles of the people from Brooklyn who stood in line with me today, I really felt like the Nets were FINALLY HOME. No longer are we talking about the dream. The dream has come to fruition as the Nets franchise has officially turned the page and they are determined to write anew.

From NJ to BK: I had a 1 hour and 50 minute commute this morning from Toms River to Flatbush Ave.

I came into the area thru Atlantic Ave. I wasn't exactly sure where Barclays Center or Modell's was but I knew when it hit me straight in the face. This picture does not do this arena justice 1%.

The Little General was in a great mood today. He is very personable. He may have his troubles as far as offensive sets are concerned but this man knows how to reach out to the community and really represent this Nets franchise. He even worked behind the counter at Modell's bringing out Nets gear from the back closet when people asked for a certain style.

Unlike Avery, Brook did not seem very interested in socializing with the fans. When a fan asked him if he was ready for Brooklyn basketball he responded with a "no doubt" and continued to walk on to his car. I have heard from many fans that he is very nice but he did not come off as so to the people in Brooklyn. He should have taken time to greet some of the fans.

"With the 58th pick in the NBA Draft, the New Jersey Nets select ______________ out of BlahBlah University.” If you watch the NBA draft or followed the NBA lockout, you know that this is the Pinky to David Stern's Brain.

I was able to get a shot with Billy King. It seems every time I have to take a picture that matters, I get the sleepy eyes : /

If you wanted to get Brooklyn gear today, the Modell's in Brooklyn was the place to be. People were going NUTS over this stuff. It seemed as if people often had more than they could carry. People were really buzzing inside and really loved the new branding. I went to Modell's in jersey on the way home and if you were not able to see the gear at the Brooklyn Modell's, you would likely think the new branding was crap.

The shirt and hat I bought today are off the hook. There were so many other designs I wanted to buy which I thought I could find at local Modell's.

They gave out two free tickets to the first 100 people in line for the home opener in October :)

Flatbrush and 5th...Barclays is INSANE...

Another side of the facade of this iconic structure...

I can't help but imagine that Deron wants to sign on the dotted line to immediately have a legacy of his own as they open up in Brooklyn this upcoming October. I feel that seeing the Barclays rise from a pile of dirt to the iconic figure that it is now seems to have influenced the change in his tone from wanting to 'compete for a title now' to "it doesn't matter that we win a title in year one or two". The fans seem like they are going to be great in Brooklyn.

If D-Will leaves, it may be a decision that he may forever regret if that arena and this franchise become big without him. He may or may not be starting to feel that.

It was an awesome day in Brooklyn and it seems as if we have a bright future but the question still stands...

Does D-will want to be Brooklyn's Finest? Very much is riding on this guy's decision. Hopefully everything works out for the best.

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