Questions for NetsDaily

Jazz fan here. I just have a few quick questions for you Nets fans.

First off, great site. I've been checking in a lot lately, and the content is great, and there's lots of variety.

Second, I already posted a comment to this effect, but good luck at Barclay. I wish you all the best. You guys are super close to a contending team. If DWill and Crash resign and you can get a good rotation piece with the Rockets pick, maybe pick up a free agent or two, you'll a 4-6 seed even without Dwight. (And you're still frontrunners for D12.) So good luck.

Now my questions:

1) The Jazz need a 3 point specialist. What would it take to get Anthony Morrow off your hands?

2) I'm curious, how many Nets fans will follow the team to Brooklyn? Will most of the fanbase remain intact? (my apologies if this question stirs up any bad blood- I can only imagine how hard it is to see a team move) Also, what new fanbase is expected? Will they steal Knicks fans? Are there people there with no team who will adopt them?

Also, a word about DWill. As a Jazz fan, here are some observations about the guy: He is VERY blunt and honest. Doesn't dance around any issues. He straight up said he only signed a 3 year extension with us because he wanted to see what direction the team was going. But he'll embrace a community (he loved Utah- and not many do) He isn't a pampered star, per se. He's practical, smart and very cold calculating. Money isn't his top priority. His family will play a prominent role in any decision he makes. He's from Dallas, loves SoCal...but those alone won't sway him. Also, he is very hotheaded. Seems to have a hair trigger temper. All these things will play into any decision he makes.

All he wants is to win.

My opinion is D Will will re-up for 3 years. Dallas is going to be a gutted team. They have no trade assets for D12, and D12 won't be able to sign this summer. Dirk and DWill won't even win their division. Lakers might be a threat, but DWill is smart enough to know that the Lakers could easily crumble into nothing-Kobe is ancient, Pau is getting old, Bynum is injury prone and inconsistent in his behavior. In short, the Nets- for basketball reasons alone- make as much sense as anyone. They should be able to resign an all star level SF, a 20 ppg Center and they have some other promising talents, plus the flexibility, cash and assets to further build up. Non basketball reasons- no one can offer more money, and more endorsement potential than the combo of the Big Apple/ your owner and Jay-Z can provide. I think there's an excellent chance D Will resigns.

In short, I see DWill giving you 3 more years. He won't show Nash-ian loyalty- he'll leave a few years of prime to leave if he feels he needs to- but he'll give the Nets a full faith effort. I think it'll just make too much sense.

Good luck

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